Sunday, April 13, 2014

251: 100 Days Of Happiness

Has anyone of you tried the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge? I have seen this #100DaysOfHappiness tag in my Facebook feed but never really paid attention to it because heck, I thought is it really necessary? Plus, I sort of doubt myself completing it just because I'm a bit forgetful. So yeah, when I saw the challenge, checked it out, and then I realized that nope, that's not going to happen to me. Yeah, so all is forgotten until I see my friend had been posting hers in Instagram every single day.

Her intention was of course not to spam but rather keep track of it. I was really curious about how she was progressing, so I thought to check her Instagram profile. There it was her progress in the challenge.

After checking it out, I realized that it make sense to do it. I think what really got me to join the challenge is because in the end of the day -- even how horrible my day was -- I would look back on what moment I really felt happy about.

So yeah, I would definitely recommend to do it. I recommend it because it's good for our soul.

Check out my progress on my Instagram!

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