Sunday, February 17, 2013

194: On Encouraging People

A lot of things had happened. But first and foremost, I realized that I haven't lived on my blog's title. Curious Weekends, yeah not curious enough. The content that is strangely lacking about curiousness. But I still have time to make up on it. Anyway, if you wonder why I have named my blog Curious Weekend it's because the original intent that I have for this blog is really to indulge on things that I am curious about. Well, curious on doing things and I wanted to share it with you. But apparently, I haven't. But again I still have a chance to start again.

▲ △ ▲

For the past few days that I have been reading about entrepreneurship and sales there's something I have come to realized about myself and it's the fact that I have a low self-esteem.

During the time that I was doing a self-reflection, I was reduced to being immobile and depressed. I could not function well for the last few weekends because all I could really dwell on about is how much I feel unworthy I am on things. Maybe it's because of how I was brought up. I do not want to go down on the road of giving a full details on how I was brought up, but to give a little information, my parents hadn't been very encouraging. So yeah, most of the time I feel not good enough on things that I do.

I do not blame my parents for this, because they had been amazing to us. They were not perfect by any means. I guess not being encouraging was one of their flaws. But you know, I do not want to hold on to that. If right now the reason why I feel like if I got involved myself with entrepreneurship and I won't succeed is because if I feel like I do not deserve people's support, then it has to change. I have to change my thinking pattern.

Honestly, I thought it was just easy ... but changing my thought pattern is a challenge. It takes an external and internal support.

I opened this up to my sister, and my wonderful - loving - kind sister is wonderful enough to help me to change.

You know, this is the reason why I told myself to encourage people. I realized that encouraging can change people's lives, and it has so much impact (to their lives). If we think we know someone who wanted to do something but doesn't have enough confidence to pursue it, then let's give them that push to do it because sometimes they just need someone to tell them that they will be fine and they will do great.

You know maybe if we lived on world with less criticism and full of love and support we could have been people with amazing potentials.

Before I end this entry, I'm leaving you with this song by Snow Patrol 'Run' because it fits this entry so much.

Light up, light up 
As if you have a choice 
 Even if you cannot hear my voice 
I'll be right beside you dear
To spreading support,

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