Sunday, November 29, 2015

286: Outgrowing the Jeans, Tshirt, and Sneakers

That's me back 2012 (in white shirt), and that's me on my friend's wedding reception last Sunday (I did my hair and make up by the way). All through out my life I am more of a tomboy than a girly-girl, maybe it's because I had grown up surrounded by my brother's friends that made me no clue how to act like a girl. I had hope that I'd figure things out if I grow up, however during my highschool and college days I had hormonal acne, and with weight problems that caused me to have a low self-esteem.

I never really bothered to learn about make-up, and fashion because of my low self-esteem, and I was comfortable being boyish. However, right now there's a certain 'want' inside of me that wanted to outgrow the jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts.

Hence, I started buying books, consulting pinterest, and watching youtube videos for tutorials. I still feel puzzled when faced with choices of clothes, and make ups, but I am actually having fun learning them.

I am also glad that my friends helped me when I go shopping. They help me mix and match, and figure what make up works best for me. They even share recommendations, and were honest to say what's bargain, and what looks good on me. I thought if I just do things on my own it would be tough, and it's handy to have a very supporting friends.

If there's anything that I have learned, I guess we have our own pace to break free from our 'shell' to be the person that we wanted to be, and we just need to be patient to wait for that right time. Additionally, it never pains to be humble enough to ask for assistance from your friends. :)

Monday, November 9, 2015

285: Departure.

Image not mine
This month is probably the pivotal moment of my life: Two of my friends are going to get married, a relative ended a good long romance, another relative getting married, and one close friend will be migrating to Australia to be with her husband. When this close friend of mine had sent us a group message that she need to see us immediately because she will be migrating to Australia, it felt like a bucket of ice was doused on my back.

I realized that everyone is going somewhere. I was thinking 'Oh my cows, everyone is moving on to another chapter of their life', and here I am still living with my parents, working on the same company (it's a great company by the way) for 5 years, still single (but mingling), and still day-dreaming.

I'm not sure if others felt that way, that they felt alarmed that they haven't progressed on their lives. I knew people who had been in the same situation all through out their life. I know there's nothing wrong with that, but I thought that I cannot settle down and be content because I am at my best year to 'go out' and explore.

So I have a thought since my last post about 'starting again', I might as well move on a start a new life. I'm crossing my fingers for a new chapter next year!

Bon Voyage everyone!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

284: Start Again.

Wow, 2 months, and 22 days since my last post. I never expected that I would be writing here again soon. But -- well -- I thought that I should after facing some 'dead ends' along my way in this so-called life. I though where-else is the best place to rant, and rave, and feel hopeful again than here in my own blog space? Who knows I may impart some wisdom to others.

Okay so for the past few months, years I have spent my life trying to dip my hands in Entrepreneurship. I've gone through selling stuffs online, joined network marketing, done trading, and recommended buyers for real estate. But for the past few months, I finally have dipped my hands on a real baby project. This baby project will be my first tangible 'small business'.

To say, when I brought up the idea I've had people who are ready to invest. So, knowing that I have support, I've started moving my baby project from idea to writing. However, during consultation, I've come into some 'road-blocks'. There are real life questions thrown at me that I started to doubt if I can really carry out my 'baby' and bring it to fruition: Can I really do it?

To say, that nagging question 'can you really do it?' worked as sledgehammer on my confidence, and courage. That one question totally bothered me all through out my plans that for sometime I've ended up almost abandoning the idea. The fear or failure, and not being able to meet the expectation of my investors had troubled me.

I couldn't move. They say that over thinking results to paralysis, and it does. Since I do not want to be bothered by that nagging question I ended up succumbing to a habit that's not really helpful such as binge reading on romance novels (guilty pleasure!), oversleeping, and procrastinating. These bad habits had become a morphine that allowed me to block this one tough question (among a lot of them to come when I go from writing phase to building phase).

However, yesterday while listening to the accomplishments of my friends, and how others had 'arrived' to a new phase of their life, made me feel coward. I thought that I also wanted to reach some milestones and share it with my friends, therefore, I need to break this addiction of morphia. It's either I keep on cowering, or face them.

So how do I 'start again', first I think it's important to confront myself -- hence this entry -- and admitting that I've had a bad addiction. Second, it's revisiting my 'to do' list, and going back again on what I want to accomplish in long term.Third, it's to focus, and act.

*sigh* It's not too late to start again, anyway. I pray for more courage, strength, and faith this time. Amen.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

283: the Coast Calls: A Quick Get Away to San Juan

If I can move out from the city and live a provincial life, I'd definitely choose to move to La Union. This place is starting to get its way into my heart. In Urbiztondo, I found my other home.

What I particularly love about Urbiztondo is its people. The people there are friendly. It was easy to find friends with the easy living surfers, and local people. In fact, I've made too many errors in riding the right jeepney to my destination but these drivers were nice to take me nonetheless. These drivers didn't even accept my additional payment for the hassle.

So last week I found myself back in this wonderful place. I went there with my good friend to celebrate her birthday. While I stayed twice at Sebay surf, this time I told myself to stay at San Juan Surf School Resort.

If you want to know, the San Juan Surf School Resort is just next to Sebay Surf. The reason why I chose not to book myself here initially is because judging by exterior it looks expensive, so I didn't bother. But when my other friend said that Sebay and San Juan Surf School is almost as the same price, I told myself to give it a go.

.. and I'm glad I did.

While I like Sebay Surf, the San Juan Surf School Resort offers a modern, and classy style. Just as Sebay, the San Juan Resort rooms have a cabled t.v, air-conditioning, fridge, and their shower has a cold and hot temperature dial. For 2, the room was priced as 1,986 PHP (as of July 2015 see prices here). But what I particularly love about the place is its restaurant-bar.

I swear I have weakness for good aired restaurant and bar. I love that some of their tables allows you to have a (partly) view of the beach (but this is where the Sebay beats them in terms of beach view from the bar).


I wish I took more photos! Forgive me though because I swear after the 9 hours travel all I wanted to do was to lie on the bed. So apologies I never thought about taking a picture of the room, and it never crossed my mind. But I would next time. Rest assured though those that you will see in the tripadvisor was enough to give you visual projection of what to expect.

All in all, it's not obvious that I will be back in La Union soon enough, and if you are going to ask me where I will book myself, it's no brain-er because I'll definitely book myself at San Juan Surf School Resort again -- again just because I am a sucker for a good restaurant - bar.
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