Sunday, August 2, 2015

283: the Coast Calls: A Quick Get Away to San Juan

If I can move out from the city and live a provincial life, I'd definitely choose to move to La Union. This place is starting to get its way into my heart. In Urbiztondo, I found my other home.

What I particularly love about Urbiztondo is its people. The people there are friendly. It was easy to find friends with the easy living surfers, and local people. In fact, I've made too many errors in riding the right jeepney to my destination but these drivers were nice to take me nonetheless. These drivers didn't even accept my additional payment for the hassle.

So last week I found myself back in this wonderful place. I went there with my good friend to celebrate her birthday. While I stayed twice at Sebay surf, this time I told myself to stay at San Juan Surf School Resort.

If you want to know, the San Juan Surf School Resort is just next to Sebay Surf. The reason why I chose not to book myself here initially is because judging by exterior it looks expensive, so I didn't bother. But when my other friend said that Sebay and San Juan Surf School is almost as the same price, I told myself to give it a go.

.. and I'm glad I did.

While I like Sebay Surf, the San Juan Surf School Resort offers a modern, and classy style. Just as Sebay, the San Juan Resort rooms have a cabled t.v, air-conditioning, fridge, and their shower has a cold and hot temperature dial. For 2, the room was priced as 1,986 PHP (as of July 2015 see prices here). But what I particularly love about the place is its restaurant-bar.

I swear I have weakness for good aired restaurant and bar. I love that some of their tables allows you to have a (partly) view of the beach (but this is where the Sebay beats them in terms of beach view from the bar).


I wish I took more photos! Forgive me though because I swear after the 9 hours travel all I wanted to do was to lie on the bed. So apologies I never thought about taking a picture of the room, and it never crossed my mind. But I would next time. Rest assured though those that you will see in the tripadvisor was enough to give you visual projection of what to expect.

All in all, it's not obvious that I will be back in La Union soon enough, and if you are going to ask me where I will book myself, it's no brain-er because I'll definitely book myself at San Juan Surf School Resort again -- again just because I am a sucker for a good restaurant - bar.
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