Saturday, April 21, 2012

149: How to Stop Thinking About Someone?

"I need to stop doing this" I suddenly blurted out of the blue while my friends and I were on our way to Tagaytay. They looked at me in surprise and wondered why on earth I randomly said that out loud. 

Yes, Carrie that's what I thought too.

Of course, they ended up prying for information that something has been bothering me. I whisked out their concern by saying that I was just obsessing on my work. They seemed to be satisfied with my answer, they let go of my random rant. Little they did know the reason why I actually said that is because there's this certain person who keeps on popping on my mind. This person had been a constant plague of my sanity. I tell you. 

To say, I have the ability to quell my thoughts and control my emotions. So during the night, I told myself that I have to stop thinking about this guy. It was my firm determination and decision that not thinking about this person is what I want. I admit that it's hard and it takes time before I master myself from being free from that person. But, I have to admit that telling myself that I want to stop thinking about him, help made things a little lighter. It was my first step.

So I was pacing back and forth inside my room, while thinking of ways how to restrain my mind from thinking. I know we have different rules to control our mind, but here are mine:

1. Do not be idle - Being idle would give me space to think. That's why when I am trying to move on (not just on person but let's say on a situation that bothers me) I become very productive. Let's keep my mind busy!
2. Think of someone/something else - My mind literally needs to obsess on something else, because if not, 'Houston we have a problem' . Bam! I'm back thinking of that person.
3. Think of their flaws - haha, yes! I need to be aware of that person's flaws and realize that that person does not deserve my thoughts.
4. Pray - What can I say, prayer does wonders. 

There are many ways to stop thinking of someone. I came across this article that had listed the ways to stop thinking of a person. It pretty much indicated a lot of ways. You can read the article here. I think it's helpful when you are trying to move on.

The thing is, forgetting someone is hard but I always believe that if this is what we really want to happen, it's our determination that will help us make it happen. So figure things out with yourself, then make an unyielding decision. 

You, what are the things you do to forget someone?

Monday, April 9, 2012

148: What Keeps You Going?

"I can do this."

This is what I told myself when I realized that what I am going to do to achieve my goal, is hard. I have been saying it every time I am being challenged on working on my goals. I say it out loud when I feel like quitting or I feel like giving up on my goals. 

I. Can. Do. This.

There are lot of ways that keeps me going. To mention a few: first, I have my daily devotionals that keeps me spiritually motivated. Let's be honest, in achieving goals, we always end up asking for God's assistance. When I feel like I can no longer go on, I would look up and say "God, I cannot do it. But you can." And mumble a prayer and continue pursuing my aims, all leaving to God to work on His miracles on my plans. Second, is my future family. I want them to have a comfortable and convenient life, that's why I also consider them when I make my decision at this present.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

147: Why am I single?

Why are you single? Why am I single?

Image from Boston Magazine

This is a very interesting subject. I was browsing my twitter when I saw that #IamSingleBecause is trending. The response of people were interesting. If you're going to ask me what situation I am currently in, I'll tell you that I'm single and proud. But I must admit that I have been hanging out with some guys every now and then. But that's just it. Just hanging out.

There are many reasons why people remain single. There is even an article that mentions if a person is addicted to being single.

I'll say my reasons why I am currently single and why I don't get jealous when I am being surrounded with people who are currently attached. But first I'd post here some response in twitter which I liked.

Okay, so why some people prefer to remain single? My sister told me one of the reasons (which is really the obvious): being single means less complications. But there are more reasons, reasons that we could only say to ourselves. Some reasons are found here

What I like about my status at the moment is the fact that I am currently spoiling myself by enjoying my earnings alone. I buy stuffs that I want. I can wear whatever that pleases me. I don't have to worry about second opinion. And I am free from emotional entanglement, headache, and heartache. 

I never get jealous/envious towards my friends who are currently in relationship because I know my time for relationship will come. Besides, if he's going to come, he will come. Let me enjoy myself for now. ♥☺

We share the same opinion. Retweeted.

You, are you currently single, or in relationship? Why do you prefer your current situation? 

Monday, April 2, 2012

146: Sex and the City in the Morning

I have decided to re-watch the whole Sex and the City series again. I love Sex and the City because Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte's friendship is amazing. It's the kind of friendship a women would want: free from judgement, loyal, honest, and constant. Plus, the fact that the episodes tackle some of the most interesting subject to both sexes, makes the series more irresistible.

This is also where I realized how older guys more interesting than guys of my age. It's not that I find 20-something-guys lacking but it's just the fact that experienced-mature guys seemed more colorful than them. HAHAHA. Actually, I think it's because I picture guys just like mr. Big: complicated, sophisticated, classy, and sexy, which - I think - can be found in mature-older guys.

I do not understand why I like complexities but I think maybe it's because of unpredictability; and my obsessive compulsive self want to figure complications. Or, maybe, I'm really just masochist -- just like Carrie. lol.

You, do like Sex and the City? To whom can you relate more? Share your thoughts! ☺ 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

145: Blog Exchange!

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Thank you and I hope to see you on my list. ☺

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