Saturday, April 16, 2016

291: Hotel Review: Saved by the Bell!

Image from PH Hotels

Hotel in Focus: Red Planet Hotel at Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City

I booked on this hotel very spontaneously. I was in the metro and have to pick up my sister and since I had no place to stay, I decided to book in this place. Why? I could not afford any hotel at the heart of Makati as they are too expensive for my spur-of-the-moment-stay. This is not the first time that I had been in Red Planet Hotel. The first was at Aseana place. What I love about this hotel is that it's affordable. This is the type of place a traveler would book if you only need a roof above your head without exposing yourself to risk because you opted to choose a low budget lodge. For 2330 (as of April 2016) a night you get the following:

an air conditioned room
two fluffy pillows
a ginormous bed
a glacial pace wifi

Also, for that price you can choose between a large bed, or a two single bed. There's no actual difference in price.

All in all it's not bad if you just need a place to sleep, and nothing fancy.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

290: On the Road towards Entrepreneurship: On Being a Leader

I know you might actually get a little confused by the fact that I just recently posted about Project MM, and now I am writing about Project VA. To say, Project MM is really my personal baby but I have to hand over the leadership to my good friend Monique. I'll still write about our struggles there but the person totally in charge for that will be my good friend. This Project VA is a family business that I wanted to take to another level. So, this project will be bigger.

I wouldn't give too much information about Project VA but basically it's in the Real Estate industry. I have taken the leadership just last month when my father dump all of the problems in my lap. When he told me that we needed to fund, and to repair our apartment I instantly assumed the role.

Post from Facebook last March 23

Napa-upo na lang sa pagod. Right after work, I had to rush to one of our project apartments to take note of what needs to be done. I was too exhausted, I decided to take note on the floor. Nakakatuwa kasi I never imagined taking up this kind of responsibility. Ang lakas maka-empower! Next in line is assessing the contracts, pero bukas na kailangan ko na matulog kasi maaga pa ang pasok ko. Nakakapagod pero rewarding at naniniwala naman ako na hardwork pays off, kaya kayod lang! P.S: nagawa ko pang mag catch up with my friends after this. haha! Good night, friends!
I never knew that I was able to get the fund that we needed, find the people to work with, and actually see the project move towards our goal. I was also blessed that even before we started the renovations there were two offers for our apartment.

When we have closed the deal with one of our customers, we gave them the deadline of the completion of the project. I have learned too many things with regards to dealing with people (which I will write about next time), but the gist of the lesson, is that never give your word unless you are sure to deliver them. A changing statement is a sign of indecisiveness, and being indecisive begets mistrust.

Forward to April 11, 2016

I have provided this update on my Instagram:

"Being an entrepreneur is about building relationship with people". Early in the morning I have checked one of our apartment project that's up for renovation. I was able to meet the person in charge for repairs. I felt the hesitation when I introduced myself formally by extending my hand to shake his. I think the foreman is not used to the formality, but I have learned from the start that it is important to establish good relationship with people you work with. I'm very new to this journey, and had no background with construction but I found myself asking of the quality of materials, and if we are going to meet the deadline. It's important that I get myself involved. I wanted to get his assurance that we are on track, and he gave the confidence that we will. Well, we cannot afford not to because that would displease the future renter. Now I have to call them to assure, and to provide an update. It felt good to see your project come to life. I have committed myself to take this business with high standard, because I have learned that how you do anything is how you do everything. And I cannot afford to take this for granted. Now, off I go to talk to my customer, and send a copy of contract to a partner and lawyer for revisions.
I  am very happy with this project, because it taught me so much about leadership. Going back, I always wanted to lead something, and I thought that leadership is limited in the office, school, organization, etc., but if there's anything that I have learned is that leadership is not about being assigned on the role but rather leadership is a character.

We do not need to wait to exercise leadership until we get elevated in our post, but we need to exercise the values of what it takes to be a leader and immediately apply it on ourselves.

Until future updates!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

289: On the Road towards Entrepreneurship: Project MM

Okay, this is it. I’ve decided that I will be sharing my journey in building my business here on my blog. The reason why I wanted to share my business here is because one day when my business become so big, I’d be able to look back on how far I have travelled. Plus, I believe that being able to share my journey on the web sphere may be able to get in touch with others sharing the same experiences. 

So what’s the business? I’m not saying the name yet until I’ve had registered it on DTI, and reveal it on its first day, but let’s just call it “Project MM”. You cannot imagine how excited I am whenever I imagine how this baby project would look like on its first opening day.

If you are not new on my blog I’ve shared many times the moments that I’ve had to pick myself up when I got defeated. But you as audience had no clue what happened that led to that defeat. Now, however I’d totally share my journey from planning phase to execution day to the result. I just hope that whatever the turnout will be, we’ll all learn from something -- which I believe is the most important outcome of this Entrepreneurship project. 

My business partner and I is currently in planning phase, and I’ll write about it on my next post. So far, it has been good!

The Leaders of Project MM

So with our not-so-formal personal background, I think you can already make a judgement on how fit we are emerging as victorious in the end.  *wink* *wink*

But seriously, in spite of how many times I have tumbled, I’m still hopeful. So cross your fingers for me my beloved readers!

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