Monday, April 25, 2011

50: Zara Project

This blazer, if not this set, is something I wanted so badly. The reason why I like this set is because of it's chic-modern woman-style. I like how the vibrant of red and pink had matched in with a dark blue denim jeans. It made the top clothes stand out. Plus, the  platform sandals blended perfectly with the jeans. Hence, it made the person looked taller.

If I would purchase everything it would cost me a whooping 13,000 php for the set. And who in their right mind would want to spend that match on a single set? I could have bought a heavenly load of set in that price. Therefore, I told myself it's either I find a good cheap alternative or at least just purchase one in that set.

So what would I choose then?

Surprise, surprise!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

49: Future perfect

Back from the grave. 

That's what I should tell myself after a long time of being hiatus. I can't say that I am totally back here but I'm hoping that from time to time I will be able to update this blog. The reason why I don't usually update here is because I update like nuts in twitter

Well A LOT of things had happened in my life. From being hired in this multi-national, multi-million dollar company, to being back in communication with the guy from the past; All in span of 3 months. I know I can't write everything. But to make it short for you, just think that life was in a whirlpool everything happening so fast that I cannot grab on any handle to keep myself from spinning out of control too. So, yes I get into trouble, I had fun, I laughed, and the usual human nature experience. That's it. Nothing extreme, just the usual human experience in life. All mixing together in a whirl.

But you know what's amazing? I know this journey that I am on in just heading me somewhere brighter. I know; I just can feel it. Future is going to be amazing.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

48: Formspring: Not a question but I love ur blog especially the way u praise Judith McNaught! I swear I am in love with her books! She is an awesome author!

Hey hello! Thanks for dropping by in my blog! I really love Judith McNaught. She was the first romance author I have read and I did not made a mistake picking her books! <3

47: Lose that fat!

I've been mostly frustrated with my weight.

When I started working, eating seems to become our past time. We eat when we take a break, we eat when we're bored, and eat while we work.

Basically, eating is becoming a habit when we work.

I think you really cant blame us. You see we work at the most ungodly hour! So sometimes eating keeps us alive.

But now, I'm trying to change habit. The reason why I decided to change is because when we went to the beach last week, I saw pictures of myself. Boy, I was disgusted with how I looked. 

So I kept that picture to remind me of what I ought to do: Lose that FAT!

While browsing through this forum, someone recommended Leslie Sansone to me and I thought I'd check it out. Her workout style is brisk walking. Upon watching, it came to me that it's not that exhausting and it looks fun. So then and there, I started doing her workout.

Man, you can't believe that after 5 days, I lost 4 lbs!

Now, I am happy that I have discovered about her workout video because all I have to do is to watch and workout with her so I can get into my ideal shape. I know I am heading there as I am dedicated that I want to head there. I am seriously happy that her video had helped me losing what I wanted to lose.

Monday, April 18, 2011

46: CSI: New York: Mac + Peyton

My heart literally went into my throat.
Mac + Peyton : CSI: New York


Hi I'm Hael. And I live somewhere you don't know.

Hael is my virtual name but sometimes when I feel like I have exhausted my virtual name, I change it to 'Grey'. So don't be surprised if you see some of my accounts with Grey or Hael as my name. The reason why I have virtual name is because I am not comfortable in sharing to the world of unknown what my real name is. So I thought I'd rather make my own virtual name.

Regarding where I live ... well I guess that's not really important right?

Anyway, I am writing this at this ungodly hour because I have been thinking of taking blogging seriously. I know I should just told myself to do this at the most decent time. But apparently, since sleep had been avoiding me for the past 3 hours, I thought I'd give myself a kick and do what I have been thinking about (and that's updating, re-constructing my blog).

I wanted to try to take blogging seriously to share my world to everyone. I want to share my hopes, dreams, aspirations, travels, heartbreaks, happiness, and thoughts. I want to gain friends, make someone laugh, and possibly inspire.

I've been blogging for the past 10 years. I have moved from blogger to livejournal to wordpress to tumblr to twitter then back here at blogger. I have made countless of blog accounts only to have them replaced few months/years after. There are blogs that I still keep and blogs that no longer exist. For now, I am active in Twitter, Tumblr, and in here.

And I am hoping to keep this one a lifetime.

What I love: Reading, writing, sketching, eating, and laughing.

45: Mind's at race

Regarding my last entry: Can't Sleep

There's a reason why I am wide awake at this time. I am wide awake because my mind is at race. There are few things that I want do, I want to accomplish. Like: I should start blogging seriously, swimming along the tiger sharks at Manila Ocean Park, take a chance at this height enhancer that I am eying (and practically being paranoid of its side-effects and the what-if's), sending an email to Brad, the clothes I want to buy, paying my dentist soon, my savings, when should I start saving for my travel plans, buying Panasonic GF1 and if I should ever take a photography class, paying doc 6F a visit soon, and taking an action in my charity case.

My mind has a life of its own, but whenever my mind starts working crafting thoughts it titillates me in making an action and how it excites me to see the results.


44: Can't Sleep

Last Saturday I did not have my usual 9-10 hours sleep after my shift (my shift ends; Saturday 5AM since I am working in a night shift time, following Pacific Time). I only slept for 4 and half hours. I slept around 9 AM right after I did a workout in my room. But my sleep got disturbed because my brother was watching on his portable DVD in a loud volume.

During the afternoon I was sort of expecting that sleep would come to me, but to my surprise it didn't. I feel energized. I thought it was okay because I know that sleep might get to me anytime soon, pero unfortunately, it didn't. I think I only slept for 5 hours.

I woke up 3 AM earlier and went to mass around 6AM. After attending the holy mass, I know I would be napping every now and then because I know I did not get long hours of sleep last Saturday but for some reason I didn't. I did not take a morning nap nor did I take my usual afternoon nap because I went to the salon.

Around 5 PM I decided to force myself and take a nap. I did but nanay Inday woke me up 6:30 PM to have dinner. Then, I slept past 10 PM only to wake up past 12 midnight. And now? I am wide awake.

I am bothered that I am not getting my long hours of sleep. What is happening?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

42: drifting.

It has been months when I realized that I haven't written anything that make sense. As of late, my journal entry is mostly in short paragraphs about how my day/week went. Most of the entry no longer contain the art that I have been trying to hone ever since.

When I started to work, everything became a little too limited. My availability becomes limited. The time of thinking becomes limited. The time for art is limited that sometimes it's no longer even in my schedule of "to-do's". I think the more time pass, the more I am losing my old self.

Most of the time, I have been blaming work and how it had placed me in the world of apoplexy. I blamed work about how it turned me into a programmed robot. But now, work was no longer "the blame" but rather, myself. I know that I am drifting; and I let myself drift. I no longer fought holding-on to myself. Thus, I let myself go.

The only payment that I give myself during my time of availability is an overindulgence of gluttony and vanity. I am shaping myself to be part of those people who are cemented to the standards of the world; to become someone with variety. To become someone, to the point of losing one's self to a world's pantomime.

I was thinking that maybe this is what it ought to be.

And so I let my clock tick; and I let myself drift.
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