Sunday, October 28, 2012

177: Doing an Extra Step!

The past few weeks had really been a great challenge for me. For one thing, I have to design the interior for our event. And for another, the time allotted for me to work and the budget that's a little limited was honestly daunting.  Since the event was the first time for two teams to be together, I challenge myself to go way beyond "okay". I thought about wanderrgirl's 'Note to Self': Not settling for something good while I was brainstorming, I told myself that since I am the lead for the comms/marketing I might as well take the extra step. This is when I started juggling the thought if I could really do it even if I have too many responsibilities in my real role at work. 

The only solution that I could think about was that I could allocate some time. I thought that if my work starts at 8PM I could come at 6PM so I could start working on the decorations and not compromise my working schedule. Honestly, it was HARD. haha! I arrive home every 7:30AM, then I have to wake up around 2PM so I could arrive at 6PM in the office. But despite the sacrifices I have to say that I did enjoy every minute of working. 

So for three weeks of working on the decorations, for three weeks of not having a decent sleep I was glad it paid off very well. I am glad that I have added beauty to the event, that I did not only become a part of the gathering but participated to bring life and color in the party. I was involved.

Remember my post about "What can you do to help someone next to you?", this is it. I helped even on the simplest thing as decorating, and was fulfilling. Extending a hand without regrets, without demands, and just doing it for sheer happiness it can brought to people was an incredible, amazing feeling.

You know, just to end this a friend of mine asked me why I was doing it, she asked "eh, you're not being paid doing that why did you accept the task? Now, you're biting off more than you can chew. Give it to someone else.

Maybe it was my being ADHD or the fact that I am sort of a masochist that made me say, "On contrary, I actually enjoy it." But whatever it is I felt the resonating honesty (in my answer) deep within my soul. 

To constantly helping,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

176: Something to Think About

When I have a spare time or I am in no rush I try to visit 99u. For those who doesn't know 99u is a great source of inspiration and motivation. It has the same objective as Ted's: It fuels people how to make their ideas happen, to find inspiration to make something happen, to have a paradigm shift, et al., So a minute ago, I was browsing inside 99u and ended up listening to Simon Sinek's talk. This is the first time I heard about Simon Sinek but his talk about connecting to people had amazingly inspired me. His talk made me decide to pick up his book and become an instant fan. Why? Because I believe on what he believes. Watch his talk:

I seriously believe in this. I believe that one of the way we could live a fulfilled and happy life is when we help others. Have you help someone generously and feel that incredible feeling of sense of fulfillment every time we became the source of someone's hope, of someone's inspiration? I never had been so conscious until now that the reason why I love volunteering, helping, inspiring is because I get that sense of purpose, of fulfillment every time I encourage people to believe in their dreams.

So now the challenge to us my dear faceless readers is for us to seek in whatever way we could do to help others, generously without expecting a return.

To helping others!

Monday, October 8, 2012

175: Making My Dreams Come True


You know for the past few weeks that I have been reading Put Your Dreams to the Test it had inspired me to find courage in executing my dreams, albeit baby steps. When I go through the "dream test" (a self reflection questions regarding our dreams) page I think deep within myself and face all the facts. You know thinking about my dreams made me question 'why is it that it's so hard to put my dreams into reality?'. I have drilled down confronting myself why is it so hard? I have come up with reasons such as the following:
  1. I do not know how to get there
  2. I do not have the sufficient funds to finance my dreams
  3. I tend to delay
  4. It's not yet the time
  5. I'm busy
  6. Doubt
  7. Doubt 
  8. Doubt
I've repeated the 'doubt' because honestly, it was one of the things that had been mocking me every time I dream big. It seems like every time I say my dreams a self-mocking ghost would appear before me and say 'Who are you to dream so big?' or 'Oh come on you've got to be kidding!'. Then it would make me re-assess everything, then I'd delay and find excuses not to progress. 

Then, I had started praying. They say that God could change us. So I prayed. I prayed because I need some help. I told God to 'Provide me the courage to make my dreams come true' and my prayers were granted. I don't know, it's just one day I had that feeling of being ready to take chance. Now, I am ready to accept the challenges that will come my way because I no longer feel afraid. I kept on thinking and praying and convincing myself to take a chance and now I am taking the chance.

So yes, Eleanor Roosevelt I believe in the beauty of my dreams and I believe one day I could see it right infront of me. I am ready to see it blossom.

And to you my faceless readers, I hope one day you'll also find the courage to make your dreams a reality baby steps or whatnot! Let's talk send me an email or comment on this entry. :)

To Making My Dreams Come True!

Monday, October 1, 2012

174: a Reality Slap

Lately, life has been rubbing reality in my face. LOL. I mean literally. It's like life writes down all the things I have to deal with then BAM rubs the paper on my face so I could take in what I have to face in order to be a better person (or be the person I wanted to be). Then life would ask me if I still want to take the challenge. 

1. If you want to get there you have to sacrifice something.

Like what I have said before I have been reading John Maxwell's Put Your Dreams to the Test and I am currently in the chapter where in it talks about the 'Prices we have to pay for our Dreams'. I knew about this even before, heard about it all through my life. But even though I have heard about it, I was not able to take it seriously. I mean, why does it go that way? Is it really necessary to go through that kind of challenge in order to succeed? Can we not at least compromise? I had the mantra that maybe I can go through the road less traveled unscathed. But now I have come to face the fact that yes there are sacrifices I have to do in order to get there. Maybe I never thought about the sacrifices I have to do, but now ... it becomes more real when I got to that point when I realized that I have to do that in order to get that. 

2. Some people you love won't be so supportive.

Let's face it: YES this is a painful reality, but it's true. I told my parents that I wanted to give up my career in order to hone my artistic skills, but I did not get the support I thought I'd get. They are scared that my plans might not work and I would eventually fail. I re-assured them that it's okay for me, that I'd rather fail ... but they are very insistent that maybe I could just pursue my artistic skills part time. I did not want to cause them pain but I could see in their eyes how disappointed they are every time I mention about giving up my career for my passion. I'll always get their disapproval until ~ maybe ~ I become successful. Earning through the means of my passion. Until then they are not going to allow me to give up huge things, such as my career.

3. Going through the uncomfortable zones

I'm not exactly very extrovert. I'm not a sales person. I'd rather be inside my room than spend my time trying to sell my ideas to others ... these are the attitudes that I need to improve upon when I laid down what I wanted to do. It made me feel nauseous when I realize that I have to deal with those if I wanted to pursue my ideas. I have to take the risk of being rejected, of being laughed at, of people ridiculing my ideas, of people not believing in my capabilities ... I have to admit that it's going to be painful for me. I might not even take the blow. But it's the only way to make my dreams a reality.

When I read John Maxwell's book it made me realize why there are only few people who becomes the person they wanted to be. There are a lot of personal battles to win that sometimes we are not willing to take thus sometimes some people just give up or settle down where they are. 

I'm already in that phase of embracing the uncomfortable zone. It's taking mental and emotional preparation and acceptance since it's a personal battle. I do not want to give up along way despite the challenges. I'm telling you it's a tough battle because I have certain attitudes that I need to break. It's a painful adjustment. But I really believe it's worth it. I just hold on to God to be with me always.

Let's talk if you are going through the same experience! Comment or send me an email. :)

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