Saturday, June 30, 2012

154: Major Revamp Going On [in Blog and in Life] ! :)

Finally, I am revamping my blog. The reason why I am revamping my blog is because finally I came up with a theme. This theme would feature things that I think would help me to be a better person. You see, I have been into self-development lately and I want this to be my channel where (probably) I hope I can help others as well. It's not that I have what it takes to be a ~ I don't know ~ sort of self-improvement-adviser? hahaha! But it's one of the things that I have committed on. What I am going to share here is how I want to improve myself, how I plan to improve myself, the experiences that I have encountered, and the lessons it had taught me. And in doing so, I only hope that I can inspire, motivate people with my entries. 

So there fellow Padawans let's plan and take an action in becoming a better person than we are yesterday. Remember, there's nothing too late.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

153: Turning Ideas into Reality

Write your dreams, they said.

For the past few weeks I have been contemplating about life ~ in general. I do not know exactly where and when I have gotten into this self-commitment that I want to change. But I believe that I have made this decision when I started attending financial wellness seminars and I started reading self improvement entries. I believe it was because of the recurring inspiring stories that I have been hearing, reading that had inspired me to live beautifully.

I always been a fan of people who has certain ideologies, beliefs, principles that they are faithful on. I admire people who are leaders and persistent to see changes. I look up to people who thinks of an idea and make it a reality.

I wouldn't deny that even before I have likened myself to Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Eleanor Roosevelt, Donald Trump, Margaret Thatcher, Hilary Clinton that it's almost crazy as it may seem for others. But I have done that just because I look up to them, just because I wanted to be like them.

One of the things that I have realized in the few weeks that I have been self assessing is the fact that I don't put ideas to writing. I do not write things that I want to change. I do not act, I merely just think of wanting to change but never really doing it. 

I have many ideas cluttered in my mind, goals I want to achieve but they are so disorganized in my head that I do not know where to start and where to go. Organizing, I realize is very important. Prioritizing what I want to achieve, should also be in consideration. Application of SMART rule also helps (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely).

When I started spreading out the things I want to achieve (after with so many helps from book, articles, and seminars) I am more than happy and excited because I can see my plans, ideas into reality. I just need to be committed and determined to make it come true. But I am all positive. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

152: Frustration is good

Planning, planning

So the past few days I have been struggling with what I should be writing about. The reason why I was struggling is because I do not know what I should talk about here. Additionally, one of the reasons why I haven't been blogging is because I was spending time trying to think of my own project.

I, seriously, hate being bored and unproductive. I cannot just live working, and going home and be idle. I want to see results. My own results. It doesn't have to be big, but at least something that's creative. So, for the past few days I have been writing about my ideas, and I realize that execution of ideas is actually not easy. It's not easy because I'm the only one working on it. I do not have a team who will work out with me. So, basically it take most of my time and energy.

The past few days I was frustrated because I haven't done anything despite the ideas running on my head. I was disorganized. All the plans that I have went into clutter. The ideas that I have basically die a sudden death.

I'm glad that I have bumped into this entry that had helped me. Now I am more than excited to be productive and actually work on my ideas. I know I have to start back to round one, but I am more positive about the future results now.

I might have been frustrated but frustration never stops me, because I end up assessing what's wrong. Frustration was never a woe but rather my friend. I like how I get determined from this bad feeling. It helps me to continue finding for solution. :)
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