Sunday, July 31, 2016

293: Choosing a Leader: Leni Robredo

I always have thought that it's equally important that we choose our leader or role model in life. The reason why we needed to have a role model or a chosen leader is because we look up to them. From my last blog entry, I have written that I have chosen former Congresswoman and Now Vice President, Leni Robredo as my leader. The reason why I have chosen her as a leader is because of what she exudes. I believe most of the Filipinos are familiar of her background, how she emerged as a lawyer - wife of a politician to Vice President, how from 1% she was able to bag the second highest position in our country.

These are the few qualities that I admire in her:
  1. Resiliency - Leni Robredo had been very outspoken when how she values resiliency. Her life had been a struggle: from the death to her husband, to raising her kids as a single mom, championing her town as a congresswoman - and now taking the role as the mother of our nation. Leni, is not a stranger when it comes to challenges, even before taking her oath as a Vice President she had a hard time winning the confidence of Rodrigo Duterte (who won the election as a President from the opposing party). Before winning the confidence of Pres. Duterte she was not given any role in Duterte's cabinet. Many thought that she was being bullied, but she remained very supportive of President Duterte and tried to remain confident that she will not be useless even if she wouldn't have any role in Duterte's administration. And she did, before Pres. Duterte can even give her the portfolio as HUDCC secretary, she was already looking for partners who will help her rally her causes.
  2. Courage - When she accepted to run as a Vice President a lot of people doesn't know her and her accomplishments, but did that stop her from running? No. I also applauded her courage, that in spite of being part of the admin she's not shy to voice out what she stands for even if it means standing in an opposite position from the President (i.e Death Penalty).
  3. Industrious - Hands down. Mother of all cows, she's an incredibly hardworking person, did you know that she's the VP candidate who was able to cover all of their sorties? And on her term as a congresswoman (FYI this is her only term) she was able to pass 121 bills and 14 laws. She is also known to start her work at 8AM consistently! And now as a Vice President, she set her work schedule/events/functions to weekdays, and weekends will be scheduled for her to reach out the far flung barangays/towns. If you follow her in Facebook, you'll get yourself familiarize with her activities. By the way, this quote from her really inspired me to this day: "Hindi tayo tumatalikod sa trabaho" (we do not turn our back to duties given to us) ; and a demand of excellence in whatever you do.
  4. Graceful under Pressure - Some people even uses #KalmaLikeLeni because in spite of challenges thrown in her way, Leni seems to be never panicking. To say, parang I haven't seen her giving into her emotions. She seems so in-control of her situation.
  5. Humble - If there's anything that's consistent in her interview when being asked about her preference to use a bus in spite of her position as VP, she'd say that the reason why she continue to ride it is because it's economical and at the same time it's her way to keep her grounded. As much as she can, Leni didn't want to change her lifestyle because she doesn't want to get used to it. Additionally, one of the things that made me realized how humble she is, is when during her Thanksgiving (right after her Inauguration), she told her supporters to stop fighting with other supporters because she had already won. Honestly, she didn't have to say that. She didn't have to tell her supporters to stop fighting, but she did. She appealed for her people to unite, to rally on the causes of the new administration.
  6. Integrity - Leni's net worth is 8M, and admittedly she said that it might have lessened because her daughter is taking up medicine. It's not like as if having a meager net worth makes you a person of integrity, but she has many times have mentioned about sticking to her principles. Honestly, if she wasn't really a person who doesn't value her principles she might have taken the opportunity and left Liberal Party. But she didn't, she's sticking up to the party in spite of it's tainted reputation in the meantime. There are many times that she might have taken opportunity to allow herself to look good, but she didn't. She was very vocal on her stands, and she's not going to back away from her own words.
You might think, so what? The reason why it's important we have a leader is because (somehow) we can use what we see in them to live our life. You might not know it, but when you admire someone you actually try to follow something in them: how they wear clothes, hairstyle, etc., This is also the reason why there are currently vigilantes because - well - they were inspired to carry out the task themselves. 

So we need to carefully choose who we look up to. Leni is just one of those people I do because what she stood for in this life inspires me to be a better person. 💪
Flip your hair like Leni!
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