Monday, October 28, 2013

233: the walking wonderer

Sometimes I think that I am a walking wonderer to the extreme point that I ended up confusing myself. I am not sure why I keep on bothering about the essence of our existence to the point that I have started reading Philosophy.

It's not surprising that because *some* people are so into understanding about life, reality, and whatnot that we ended having Philosophy. There are many theories about it, some of it is interesting -- partly crazy. Partly crazy because is it really necessary to define 'What life really is?', should we look for its definition as opposed to just live our life? 

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."
 - Soren Kierkegaard
Scene from Benjamin Button
But among all the theories, I've taken such interest in Existentialism. Existentialism to summarize is:
Existentialism is the idea that all philosophical thought must begin with the experiences of the individual, and it is up to the individual to give meaning and authenticity to their own existence. ~ Chris Thomas
The reason why I've taken interest in Existentialism is because I thought isn't life should be a box of experiences? That by the end of our younger years we have so much wisdom, stories to share to the young people (just as Erik Erikson's 8th Stage of Development)? The philosophy just matches my idea which is why I have taken such interest about it.

But you know in the midst of my finding an answer, I ended up thinking 'Why the effin muffins do I even bother?' I mean is this even normal? Do you even wonder? //okay here I go a walking contradiction, lol.

I know it sounds crazy, but I hope I am making sense. Can we really just live a life without understanding anything about it? Can I? :|

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thought: Changes.

The past few days I haven't been able to write here because there's a lot of things that had happened. I think because of these changes that had happened it overwhelmed me so much to the point that I refuse to be honest about what I really feel. Nor accepted that everything had taken its place.

What do you think of change?

I do not want to sound trite, but I know that you are aware of the cliche 'nothing is constant but change'. And change happens because of time. We reach a certain point in our life that something has to happen that change is inevitable.

It's saddening really, you know change (well at least at a certain point).

I'm not sure how others could adapt so easily. I know I'm flexible that I could easily adapt to my environment but sometimes something just doesn't seem right. And I long for what I usually had: the people, the environment. Everything back to its place.

But I know despite of these *changes* eventually I'll get warm about it and even might be very thankful for the change. I think it's the matter of really just getting used to it. Like how once I felt when I had my tooth removed when I was a kid, I'd run my tongue over and over where it was once there before. It takes time getting used to it. Then, eventually I'd no longer even notice that it's no longer there anymore, because I'd move on.
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