Sunday, January 30, 2011

22: of what I thought about during 3AM

Two weeks at work.

Sometimes, I wonder about my life and how I wanted it to be. I still have the thought that in the end I can be someone. Someone that had contributed something in this world. For now what I have been contributing is by giving few coins to the unfortunate people, never missing Sunday mass, and patting my pets on the head and telling people at youtube to stop killing Sharks for soups.

But I wanted to do more. I think, and this had been what I thought since I got in college, and still think that we are born because we are born to do something substantial. But that's just me. And I am going to figure what I was born to do until my last breath.

Anyhow what I was also wondering was when I can have my very own house; because I so want to have my own kitchen already. Our kitchen at home was so lacking that I want to weep. Well it's just that my parents aren't big time food lovers like me so they are satisfied with the usual. But I wanted more. Probably, I need to see a financial adviser soon so I can buy one. hahaha :3

Well that's all for today. I woke up at 3 AM and had this thought.

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

21: jealousy inspires me

I have been browsing my favorite links and every time I see their new creative stuffs, it never fails to make me jealous. In particular, while I was browsing Mall's blog, I couldn't help but hope that I can do magical stuffs like hers; make my own designed toys and do murals just like hers. Then while I was scanning, I remembered what our priest said earlier. He mentioned that he also gets jealous by those people who can play the piano. He said that he can't be just jealous and admire them forever, so what he did was to take lessons.

In my case, I also believe the same thing. I cannot be just a spectator forever. I cannot let things pass before my eyes. I may not be as good as Mall or any of my favorite artists but it won't definitely stop me from practicing and be better. I may get jealous and envious but it was never a destruction but rather as an inspiration.

To say, since I was obsessing with handcrafts, arts, and cooking I have been practicing and I know eventually I'll do good. I won't stop until I get there.

just saying. hahaha! :D

Saturday, January 22, 2011

20: First Week of Work

I never felt so happy with work before. Not that I have too many experiences but working @HP was definitely the best decision I had. But first I have to be thankful that God was able to help me get through with everything I feared about. Second, I am thankful for the department that I am in, because they are extremely kind enough not to left us out (there are two of us who's new in the team), I think if it's not their kindness I would have dreaded everything.

To say, I was a bit hesitant about working there because the company is not just any other company, it's a multinational - multiBillion dollar company. Of course, the pressure of being the best in providing services is there. I was scared for my own shortcomings. But then with the company and with my department's assurance, I was able to pull things together.

I may be working in an ungodly hours, but I'd say it's all worthy it. In fact, I love everything about it I'll do my best.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

19: Picture: Rabbit

from Teen

18: In Praying, I found Faith

They say that in silence we find serenity. I never thought about it until I found myself in a quiet place. I felt it as I made my way towards our church at around 12:00 PM. I think that's what it's always like when you live in province. The most sound you'd hear during the midday are the faint sounds of cars from the highway, the songs that the birds chipper, and the gentle whistle of the wind.

When I reached our church, I went to the sanctuary. When I got there, it was empty. I was happy that I finally had the place on my own. I can pray without just saying it to myself but saying it loudly, as no one will mind.

To let you know, I like praying. I like it because I always find it comforting afterward. I felt assured of my future. I felt that way because I know someone extraordinary -- my God -- was out there looking after me. When people ask me how I get an assurance from someone that I never see, I'd shrug and say that it's faith. I don't have to see it, because I believe and know that I am taken care of.

When people ask me how I had faith, I'd say that in praying, I found it. Then I feel at peace with everything. Assured and loved.

17: Inspiration

Today marked my first day of work. The thing about my work is that the founders of this prestigious multi-national company are inventors. During our orientation, the history about our founders were discussed to us. Watching how our company grew from determination, faith, patience, and perseverance sparked an inspiration. I wanted to have the same perspective they have. The same unwavering faith that they can do something.

Actually, well I want to grow there; to acquire experience how a company works so that when I have my own company I can apply the same values they have. But in the meantime, I might as well brainstorm for what invention I can make. hahaha. :)

Oh yeah, I also want to make hand crafts too. They are really lovely and I think they make people happy too. ♥
(hahaha this line is so random! :] )

House shows respect

16: Pictures: Cat

from weheartit

so tiny, so fragile

Sunday, January 16, 2011

15: Picture: Passage: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

"Is that growing old? Or is it something worse?
You cannot protect yourself from sadness 
without protecting yourself from happiness"

Passage from the book: 
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
by Jonathan Safran Foer

14: Extremely Faithful and Incredibly Hopeful.

Tomorrow is the official start date of my work. I am nervous because it's basically a new world for me. A new environment, new set of friends, new challenges. The nagging thought of failure continuously getting into my nerves. The "what-ifs" are flooding in my head. But what I have in my heart are these embers of hope and faith that I am going to be alright.

When I graduate I thought that I am finally free from the bondage of responsibility, and of hard work. I thought that life would be much easier, but to my disappointment, it isn't. Life after graduation was survival of the fittest. The pressures and stress that I had in college was nothing compare after.

But you know, what I think about life is that it pushes us around and it's either we allow it to bully and bent us into submission or we fight back and bend it on our will. I thought to myself earlier, while I was staring outside in the dark oblivion of sky that I wouldn't allow to lose. I cannot lose. I have to push back. Losing is not an option.

I have hope and faith and I will not allow it to die in me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

13: Pictures: Flock of Birds

Flock of birds

12: Movie: Flipped

When I have read this book, I flipped. When I watched it, I flipped again. This is just the cutest most adorable movie I have watched since Easy-A; but hey what I like about this movie is that it has its freshness of what puppy love was.

There’s a bee in her hair… There it goes…
This is where I also learned the "sum of its part". If you want to know what it means just watch it. I wouldn't say more just go watch it, the movie deserves some love (Plus Bryce and Juli is really cute bahahaha).

Bryce and Juli ♥
Some quotes:

"He looked at me with those eyes, those 
once again dazzling eyes, and I knew that Bryce Loski 
was still walking around with my first kiss." 
- Julie Baker

"I’d spent so many years avoiding Juli Baker 
that I’d never really looked at her, 
and now all of a sudden I couldn’t stop.” 
- Bryce Loski ♥

“And as I read down the list of over one hundred 
and fifty eighth-grade boys, I realized that to me, 
there had only ever been one boy. 
To me, there had only been Bryce.”
- Juli Baker ♥

Here watch the trailer:

11: Picture: Horse

from paperandstich
I love horses ♥

10: uh-oh ... running out of cash.

Two weeks ago I hanged out with my friends Raisa and Adz. It was also during that time when I gave them my gifts. Instead of just buying random stuff, I thought about giving them something meaningful that would not cost me so much since I am tight on budget. So what I did was to give them a parcel that contained personal letter, flash card of wisdom, and small meaningful totems: dice, and buttons.

But though I have just given them little pieces, I made it meaningful by indicating what each pieces meant. Those meanings that I made were little advices and reminders about their weaknesses.

Since I was being creative, I placed them all in a recyclable envelope, tied them with a string, used a stamp to put up the date and added some stickers as a mail stamp. Looking at the old brown enveloped tied with strings and stamps on the back gave me a classic feeling. I am proud looking at those. In fact, I wanted to keep one for myself. lol!

When I was about to give it to them, I was nervous. I was nervous because they might think that I am being a cheapskate. But when they both read the letter and the meaning of the "totems", they loved it.

You know, next time I think I'll just skip buying gifts that are expensive. I think I'd go for gifts such as these. Because really gifts doesn't have to be costly, all it takes is to have a meaning. :)

9: Picture: Opportunity


Friday, January 14, 2011

8: Wide awake

I am posting this just because i am in need of venting.

I lay on my bed waiting for sleep to take me in until something had poke in my head that had completely made my blood pump and mind reel with endless questions and doubt.

I hate being in the unknown. I don't like not knowing what I am getting myself into and being taken by a surprise. But I know that it's something that I have to get over with.

What had scared me is my bad experiences. The thought of failure was nagging in the back of my head and blowing the last embers of hope that I am keeping.

If I have the power to take a step away from myself, take myself by the shoulder, shake myself hard and say "it's gonna be alright". I would. But for now, in this state of not having the power to do just that, I'll vent. And I did.

Mr. Dream, please take me somewhere where worries and doubt doesn't exist. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7: What to buy???

I'm not very familiar with ingredients because before all I really care about was having a great food to eat. I never have a problem with food because our personal cook really cooks fine. But you know the leisure of having someone to cook for our family isn't really good at all because this had been the problem why I couldn't cook well. Actually, why we (with the exemption of my father) couldn't cook well.

Since lately I am really interested in cooking, I have been studying how to cook. But the effect of barely knowing anything about cooking is becoming a problem. You see I was learning how to cook with different ingredients without the help of cook books or recipes in the net. In doing this, I have to experiment but while I was in the grocery with my mom I was having a hard time thinking of what to buy.

While I was in vegetable section scanning the piles of different veggies to buy I was thinking how this particular vegetable tastes like. I did not want to rely to my mom. I wanted to rely to my senses and what I know of in picking what I wanted to pick but I got confused with what's the differences. I also got confused when I think about how this particular ingredient taste like and how it would taste like. While I got confuse of what to pick, there's something I am sure of: Cooking by the book, by the instructions was much easier than coming up with my own.

While I was there thinking, I don't understand the difference between red pepper and green pepper. Our local version of lemon (Calamansi) and lemon. If I should use a butter or oil and if I use oil should I use a canola, coconut, olive ... Chinese cabbage, red cabbage or cabbage. I mean it should have a little difference right? Also, I wondered if I should go for pork, chicken, fish, or meat. I also have to think about what's the best part to buy.

I stood over the fresh vegetable section sniffing lemon, when I realize that I have to know what's the differences or how ingredients tastes like before coming up with my own original recipe. I also need to be familiar with the ingredients because some of what I saw was completely foreign to me.

I guess it's too early for me to cook by my own. So for now I am going to concentrate in knowing how ingredient tastes, skip experimenting (for now), and learn more.

Oh well, happy eating!

Friday, January 7, 2011

6: Yes, Chef!

As I said, I have been spending time watching cooking reality/shows and one of my favorites is: Hell's Kitchen. What I like about Hell's Kitchen is that I get to see what's happening inside a restaurant and I learn how Chef Gordon runs his men.

Gordon Ramsay has been very famous for being a master chef and, of course, his yelling and cussing of people he works with. Actually, this man doesn't give a ding whom he yells and cuss at. There were few times that he said awful-if not insulting-words to some of his customers. It's amazing how he seem not to care saying awful things to them because he knew that they would not go back for him but for the food that he serves. Plus what makes him the best chef is that he doesn't treat ingredients just like ingredients but he handles them with care and with so much passion.

Don't take it personally ♥
What I like about Gordon, despite his being foul, is his passion towards perfection. In Hell's Kitchen season 1 (1st episode) he said that he likes to push people to their limit, not to break them but to challenge them to give their best. And, he may be that foul but he never takes it personally because he still maintains a good rapport with the contestants even though they were a pain in the rear during their service the night before.

Well since I have been spending time watching cook shows and been spending time watching Gordon Ramsay cook, this inspired me to take a shot at Culinary one day. But for now, since I am tight on budget I'll just keep on practicing and continue fueling my desire about cooking so when I take Culinary I already know the basics; and then kick ass in that class. O-YE!

You, what are the things you want to give a shot?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

5: Quality time with my meilleurs copains

1. Actually the meilleurs copain thing was just a french translation that was generated in twitter for the english word, best buddies. haha! So I really don't know if that's right or wrong.

Anyway, today I had a great time with my friends: Katz, Adz, and Raisa. Katz was not able to stay long with us as she needs to get home early and sleep because later that day she'll have to go to work. So in the end, it was just Raisa, Adz, and I.

What I love best with Raisa and Adz is that we just don't hangout for the sake of good-times but to glorify God too. While we were hanging out in the foodcourt, we were able to talk about life, God, and the future. It's nice to have this kind of conversation because we share to each other our different perspective of life. Furthermore, during this time we were able to look deep within ourselves and contemplate the kind of relationship we have with God.

The three of us had been together this past few months. We've been together as we search for work and just hangout. Also, we were able to share what we feel during trying times. We help each other emotionally and spiritually. That way we were able to bond really well. It's a bit saddening that sooner I have to part as I'll be working this monday. Don't get me wrong, I already wanted to start working; it just saddens me a little bit that hanging out with them will be much lesser than what we usually do. 

~ sigh ~ Working might introduce me to a new set of friends but surely, my college friends occupies a special place in my heart. <3

Me (right), Adz, and Raisa hanging out

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4: Care for Mustache?

Care for mustache? That's my new blog name.
since I'm sleepy-deepy now
I'll give you more details tomorrow!

3: Picture: New Year!

Oh, Hello friend

2: I got a pocket full of sunshine

hmm... this video is certainly not related to my real entry but I'd like to share this.

this is my favorite part in Easy A. It's just so darn funny because I certainly do the same thing! hahaha!

Anyway, how was your New Year? I'm not really into New Year because the bangs and booms stresses my dogs so I spend my time calming them. Shiesh, they seem to turn to lunatics during New Year. :s

There's nothing really much else to talk about ... aside from I've been wasting my time cooking, watching Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef US, America's Next Top Model. I've been recently much into reality series since I don't have a new season of Merlin and new episode of Castle. The torrent's quite dragging lately.

Oh well that's all. See ya laters alligators!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

1: a Run Down

Just before I sleep, there's something I have to say: I am completely moving here. I know I have made a lot of blogs. I may not be able to keep them but it's because I haven't found a blog that I found comforting. I wouldn't say that my past blogs didn't work out for me, it's just that I think my time with them has come. I may not be able to keep them for a long time but they will certainly still be there around this virtual world.

But, for now, I'll try to see and feel if this new blog of mine will be a comfort place for me. I hope this one really works out.

My previous blogs:

The Moving Box
Seriously Here on Earth
Love, Oh Love Love
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