Sunday, March 31, 2013

202: Motivation: Be So Good

Make this as an inspiration to everything we do. :)
From FITSPOHOLIC @ Tumblr.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

201: Movie: Only You - to Destiny!

Okay. I'm still spazzing on how amazingly romantic this film is. I have seen this on the list that I was browsing in imdb. You see, despite of my being single, of choosing to be single I have hopes of unforgettable romance. Since at the moment I have none, I thought of browsing the list of recommended romantic films.

I must admit that one of the reason why I chose this one out of the 100 list is because Robert Downey Jr., is in it. I don't think I have mentioned it here about how much I love Robert Downey. He's one of my fictional boyfriends. You might think that he's a bit old for me, but I love my man older. I'm attracted to mature, eccentric, nerdy, dapper looking guy. Cool, huh?

So anyway, the story is about this woman - Faith who believes in soulmates. She pursued the man she believes is the one for her.

Back when she was 11 years old, while playing an Ouija board she asked who's she destined to marry and the board spelled DAMON BRADLEY. Faith was convinced that she will be marrying this guy named Damon Bradley. A decade later, while fitting her wedding gown, a man called and guess who's on the other end? It's Damon Bradley. That's where the story starts, so she threw caution away and flew from US to Italy just to see the man she knew she's destined to be with.

The movie was simple, but the message there was palpable. I do not want to spoil so much but if you are in the mood for a feel good romance this holiday, I'd suggest you take this one. If there's anything that I have learned in this movie it's that we really need to trust in our instinct, our heart and not just follow the signs. Well, the sign might lead us somewhere ~ probably to our destiny ~ but eventually it's us who makes our destiny.

Watch the trailer here:

“And so, when a person meets the half that is his very own, whatever his orientation, whether it's to young men or not, then something wonderful happens: the two are struck from their senses by love, by a sense of belonging to one another, and by desire, and they don't want to be separated from one another, not even for a moment.” ― Plato, Symposium

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

200: Singapore Trip (Part 2): a Realization

Have you really prayed on something, thought hard about it over and over again then one day the dream itself had just landed on your lap? Call it law of attraction, but I believe really believe that I am on my way to my goal.

You see, for the rest of my life I felt like I was drifting. I didn't know what I really want to do, but I've always known what I love and it's to encourage.

This is the reason why I put up my blog because I had committed myself to encourage because I had a little of encouragement and a lot of discouragement in my life. I thought why not start a blog talking about encouragement and encouraging people to let them know that they are not alone in their journey; that they have someone who would not hesitate to push them?

I often wondered about people who tend to discourage people from achieving their potentials. I wondered why they do it. I had my fair share of experience and I wanted to pluck myself and others away from it. I really believe that we have so much potential in our life but because we get so much distraction in our life that we eventually drift away from it. 

I believe God lead me to this realizations when I took the vacation, because going there did not just allow me to have fun but to recognize what I have been praying for. Also, I was able to recondition my mind and set my attitude right. After the vacation I felt like my soul had gone through cleansing. 

I know I have often turn down vacations because it gives me an impression of unnecessary expenses but taking the trip was worth it. If I did not take the trip I would never realized what I want to do in life and be the person to achieve it. 

Now what I want in life is to encourage, inspire, motivate, and be a living example of success. I haven't reached the 'success' part yet, but I know in my heart that God will lead me there with the right set of attitude and and unwavering focus. 

The future had never been look so promising.

To Wonderful and Amazing Future,

Friday, March 22, 2013

199: Singapore Trip (Part 1): a Renewed Hope and the Power of Decision

Do you ever believe about the "connecting the dots"? Steve Jobs talked about it, and even though I haven't heard it from Steve Jobs, I have experienced it. There was a certain event in my life during college that suddenly made me realize that the reason I got into that situation is because it prepared me for a wonderful ending. 

I strongly believe that what's happening in our life has a value eventually. Even the smallest thing that we've decided on, the reason why we are where we are right now is because it means something eventually. Yes, we can't understand it yet but I believe we just need to believe that God has a plan for us. And we just need to believe that it has a reason why it happened, why it's happening. 

One of the things that I hold dear in my life is what God said: 

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ~ Jer 29:11

and yes, whenever I feel something bad happened to me, or why I am where I am right now is because God has an ultimate plan. 

And this is what I have experienced when I went to Singapore. My trip there was certainly not just to have fun. But to renew the hope that I have in my life. 

I am not exactly a travel enthusiast. I am stingy (and so I have declared many times) and going out of town was certainly not something of an essential. Maybe I'd do it if I have extra few cash, but due to my wonderful, persistent sister she told me to take the trip. And I did, I thought why not [?] maybe it's just the right time to indulge myself despite the expenses. 

Going in Singapore was not just a trip but it had taught me a few valuable wisdoms, and one of which is the power of decision. I was doing a high intensity interval training (watch the sample: here) and despite my doubt that I can finish the whole training without cheating, I told myself that I'll do it. No matter what the cost. No matter how long, I'll finish it.

And I did. It was tough, but since from the beginning that I took the workout I have decided that I will finish it. The push up + superman push up (part) was tough and my muscles were tired. I wanted to quit but because of my decision that I will finish the damn work out, I pushed forward. Also, I kept shouting "PUSHHHHH!!!!", "No Quitting!", "I can do this" every time I feel like quitting. It sounded silly, but if I didn't chant those things I would have relent on my emotions. Plus, the fact that my sister had been very supportive, helped me not to quit.

During that time, during on my trainings I kept conditioning my mind that I can finish the workout, and I kept reminding myself about the decision that I made. It helped and taught me that I can do things if I just put my mind on it. 

So my dear readers, I wish the same thing for you. If you wanted to change your life do it. Make that change. Decide that THIS IS WHAT you want to happen!

Before I signed this entry, I'm leaving you this song: Titanium by Sia (feat. David Guetta) just because the lyrics inspires the hell out of me during my training.

You shout it out, 
But I can't hear a word you say 
I'm talking loud not saying much 
I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet 
You shoot me down, but I get up 

 I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose 
Fire away, fire away 
Ricochet, you take your aim 
Fire away, fire away 
You shoot me down 
but I won't fall I am titanium

Next: Singapore Trip (Part 2): a Realization

Friday, March 15, 2013

198: It's a Celebration!

I have an amazing birthday celebrations. CELEBRATIONS. You can't imagine how incredibly happy I was during those moment, and by those moment I wished that the day never ended.

I know I have ranted that I have a hate/love relationship with my birth month because I feel obligated treating everyone I know. I have to say, this month may have been quite taxing when it comes to budgeting (considering that I have to throw 3 different celebration and a foreign trip), but I have no regrets. The happiness that it had brought me was priceless.

In my life, I have never celebrated my birthday and I'm glad that I did this time. Besides, the feeling of utter bliss, I feel loved.

On my 1st celebration, I celebrated my "birthday salubong" with my college best buddies. We've hanged out on my friend's condo, watched a movie, and ate at Mercato (Boni high). The laughter we've shared never gets old. How many times have we talked about our college memories, and yet we always end up laughing at it? - Always. We had a good time together, and it's just then that I realized how much we missed each other's company. I can't wait for another get-together. :)

Second, was a date with my good friend, Ruby. Ruby is one of my wonderful friends, she always has a story to tell. I never get bored when I am with her. And she makes it a point that we meet before I take my vacation. hehe! For two hours, we never stop blabbing. hahaha.

Third, was a celebration that was held in the office. A Hat themed party! It was fun. But it could have been more fun if we were able to push through with parlor games (I think!) but it was fun nonetheless. My amazing friends: Oskie, Tin Tin, and Issa and the rest of my teammates were kind and amazing enough to help me throw a memorable party. 

And you know I don't want to sound trite, but indeed: happiness is priceless. I have - no doubt - would go back paying and celebrating my birthday over and over again. Thanks to my wonderful friends because it would have never been that amazing without them.

BTW, first mission accomplished: I wore and started wearing dress. I wore a dress on my birthday celebration hahaha! :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

197: M O R N I N G | Ritual

More Photos @ Flickr
The sun rose smiling over the river's breast, 
And my soul, by his happy spirit blest,
Soared like a bird to greet him in the sky, 
And drew out of his heart Eternity.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

196: the 24 Lists of Curious Improvement

HORRAY!  I'm twenty four! I just celebrated my twenty fourth birthday yesterday. And as much as I was eager to start celebrating my 24th birthday, I am excited to commit myself with my 24 Lists of Curious Improvement.

To say, I've been wanting to do something of an essential -- an improvement on myself. I thought why not give myself a year to track all the improvements that I wanted to do to myself? Hence, my 24 lists. I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to do them all, since 24 seems like a huge number. But I'm taking this as a commitment and I am going to do all my best get to get it completed (darn, I hope I don't sound like I am convincing myself *laughs*).

So here are the things that I want to accomplish before my 25th.
  1. Improve fashion style (wear more dress?) - done
  2. Learn how to do make up 
  3. Paint 24 portraits
  4. Get my hair styled
  5. Make my own accessories
  6. Learn how to do lettering
  7. Make 1 font out of lettering
  8. Learn how to improve blog design and create (share it to people).
  9. Learn how to silk screen print
  10. Make my own t-shirt design
  11. Make my own shorts
  12. Get my passport some stamp - done
  13. Read 100 books on Personality Development (marketing, sales, relationship, leadership, wealth, communication skills, etc,.)
    • The Unemployed Millionaire - Matt Morris 
    • Screw it, Let's Do It - Richard Branson
    • Questions are the Answers - Allan Pease
    • Awaken the Giant Within - Anthony Robbins (Currently Reading)
  14. Write on my journal every week.
  15. Blog twice a week
  16. Decrease CC debt to 100%
  17. Increase savings to 50%
  18. Make and Sell something online
  19. Learn how to speak french
  20. Learn how to walk with 3 inch heels
  21. Lose 10lbs
  22. Surprise my parents with a treat
  23. More Photography
  24. Have a DIY project
*phew* quite a list, eh?! I'm excited to start and accomplish them. Cross your fingers for me my friend.

So you, have you ever planned something and tracked it and see it accomplished? Share your story! :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

195: Birthday Month!

Picture from Epsos.De
What do you look forward to this month? Seriously, I never had an exciting month as far as I can remember. You see, first, March is my birth month. I usually dread it ~ not because I'm ungrateful ~ but because of the obligatory birthday celebrations. I must admit, I'm heck stingy so yeah I feel obligated treating everyone I knew. Plus, I'm a trying hard entertainer! I feel like I have to entertain every guest I have, in which is one of my weakest. I know you must think, why give in? The thing is I feel bad about not celebrating ... so yeah, March usually is a love/hate month for me.

But this month, is one of my firsts! This is the first time that I will be going out of the country on my own! It's actually a bit of a surprise. I thought that my sister would accompany me going to Singapore, when I had booked everything for myself, she then announced that I'll be on my own. You cannot imagine how much I have ranted about going out of the country on my own.

Honestly, going out without a company is a little intimidating considering that I easily get threatened to unfamiliarities. But since I've been telling myself to 'go, enjoy life at its fullest' I thought why not. It will be a heck of an adventure to travel alone. It must be.

Aside from my travel adventure, I took the opportunity to join my sister's Worldventures travel club. I'm not much of a travel geek but then travelling seemed to be essential in our life. If I really wanted to rally discovery and exploration in my life, travelling the globe should be in my top list. Who knows, I might end up being a travel writer. That sounds good, right? And going out of the country every now and then, enjoying the different environment should be good for my soul. So why not?

I've never been this excited looking forward to my birthday celebration, because I can feel there's a lot of things to discover ... a lot of things to look forward to come my 24th birthday.

So you my faceless reader, have you tried going out of the country on your own? If you do, what are you experiences? Let's talk!
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