Saturday, December 27, 2014

267: For 2014.

Quote from Haruki Murakami's book Kafka on the Shore ; I own the Photo

Happy Holidays my dear loves. Just a few days from now we are wrapping 2014. If you've seen my posts for the past few months most of them are about how seemingly my year had been. I have admitted on my post (Fail Forward 2014) that this year had been a decline.

To say, I have two options on how I would call my 2014: a.) it sucks or b.) pure lessons. I have seen Facebook statuses that others call this year as 'it sucks' and how they want the year to end. But I refuse to agree, I'd say that this year was pure lessons, but lessons through pain. Although, there were many expectations and (personal) goals that were not met, it taught me what my weaknesses were, and how to be resilient. I'm actually glad that for these failures because I guess if I did not encounter them I would have not address what my weakness was.

I was able to tell myself to take a pause and assess the situation as my goals were clearly spinning out of control. I have come to acknowledge my problems and led me to understand myself better. Now, I've started to list down my goals for next year and before I list down the items I would reflect if I can really commit to these tasks. All items I've listed were not limited because of my weakness but rather assessed and listed according to my priorities.

Looking at my goals I can only cross my finger and think of what I want in the end, so I am more hopeful this time. So 2014 might have been painful but seriously, I am grateful for the failed expectations, for lost love ones, and for the heart breaks.I am now ready for 2015. Je Suis Prest.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

266: Because Christmas is Love

Christmas is just a few days around. I am so excited for Christmas just like any other kid (okay, like as if). I love how people are getting all crazy buying gifts for their love ones. To say, I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet. I am looking forward to go shopping this weekend with my good friend. Wish me luck, considering how crazy the malls are recently. But I am excited nonetheless.

One of my traditions during Christmas is to watch Love Actually, I don't want to go into the details of the story, but the gist was that it focuses on couples dealing with their love lives. The story was straight to the point, plus the ending just gives me goosebumps as it features people in the airport greeting, kissing their family while it plays Beach Boys' God Only Knows. AH! My heart. My Good heart. Every time, every time that movie ends it never fails to make me all mushy. Go and watch because the movie was a good feel one. :)

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