Saturday, December 27, 2014

267: For 2014.

Quote from Haruki Murakami's book Kafka on the Shore ; I own the Photo

Happy Holidays my dear loves. Just a few days from now we are wrapping 2014. If you've seen my posts for the past few months most of them are about how seemingly my year had been. I have admitted on my post (Fail Forward 2014) that this year had been a decline.

To say, I have two options on how I would call my 2014: a.) it sucks or b.) pure lessons. I have seen Facebook statuses that others call this year as 'it sucks' and how they want the year to end. But I refuse to agree, I'd say that this year was pure lessons, but lessons through pain. Although, there were many expectations and (personal) goals that were not met, it taught me what my weaknesses were, and how to be resilient. I'm actually glad that for these failures because I guess if I did not encounter them I would have not address what my weakness was.

I was able to tell myself to take a pause and assess the situation as my goals were clearly spinning out of control. I have come to acknowledge my problems and led me to understand myself better. Now, I've started to list down my goals for next year and before I list down the items I would reflect if I can really commit to these tasks. All items I've listed were not limited because of my weakness but rather assessed and listed according to my priorities.

Looking at my goals I can only cross my finger and think of what I want in the end, so I am more hopeful this time. So 2014 might have been painful but seriously, I am grateful for the failed expectations, for lost love ones, and for the heart breaks.I am now ready for 2015. Je Suis Prest.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

266: Because Christmas is Love

Christmas is just a few days around. I am so excited for Christmas just like any other kid (okay, like as if). I love how people are getting all crazy buying gifts for their love ones. To say, I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet. I am looking forward to go shopping this weekend with my good friend. Wish me luck, considering how crazy the malls are recently. But I am excited nonetheless.

One of my traditions during Christmas is to watch Love Actually, I don't want to go into the details of the story, but the gist was that it focuses on couples dealing with their love lives. The story was straight to the point, plus the ending just gives me goosebumps as it features people in the airport greeting, kissing their family while it plays Beach Boys' God Only Knows. AH! My heart. My Good heart. Every time, every time that movie ends it never fails to make me all mushy. Go and watch because the movie was a good feel one. :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

265: Remember Me

Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood is breaking my heart into million pieces. Go, go read it the words were stitched up so wonderfully I can cry.

264: Just Around the Corner

Earlier today, I decided to go to our plaza and just checkout the stuffs there. There were small entrepreneurs who sells different kind of sorts. I never really had the leisure to check it out, because I have the implication that there was nothing really valuable to see there.

Not today though. For the past few weeks I've had the inclination to check out places despite of how they seem on the outside. It happened one time while I was walking around the corner that I realized that we really had good quaint stores waiting to be checked out. This kind of revelation appeals on my explorer self, so I gave it a chance.

So what I did today was check out the surplus stores, specialty shop, and etc., I had a great time checking them out with new eyes, and honestly despite of the fact that they had been there forever, it felt new to me. It felt like it was an adventure to me.

I was not able to take a camera with me, but I had my journal so I doodled how my little adventure went. I encourage you to be curious enough to check out those quaint boutique, you'll never know what you'll find out.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

263: Be brave

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. 
He will not leave you or forsake you.”
Deuteronomy 31:6 

God, Father, are you listening still? This, I thought while the priest was doing his homily. I found myself not listening to what was the priest was saying but rather, I ended up contemplating my relationship with God.

To be honest, I feel like I slackened when it comes to my relationship with Him compare to how it was back when I was in college. But you have to understand that I was studying in st. Scholastica so my access to God was albeit easy compare to right now. *smacks forehead* okay, that was an excuse. I had too many distractions, too many things to think about that I realized that my relationship with him was no longer the same.

God ...  Please, I need You to give me that strength -- that bravery. The one that You used to give me.  I thought willing God to listen to me.

You may wonder what's the deal with this post, and it's because I've been wanting to do certain things and it has been pushing me back to do them because I was afraid. I could not point out where the irrational fear came from when I wasn't so scared before. It annoys the hell out of me because it limits me from moving around.

I'm not sure if  my fear comes from the fact that I no longer have the same strong relationship that I had with God, or it's because of something else. But I know I just need to have faith--that it will be okay--that God hasn't changed--that He still listens and loves me in spite of everything.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

262: Take Me Back to the Sea

A weekend get-away to San Juan, La Union.
I wish I can live here forever.

Details on how to get there next time!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

261: Take Me Back to 1940's

First and foremost, before you proceed my dear readers please, play this song:

I'm not sure about you, my wonderful readers, but I have a certain fondness towards Jazz and Classic/French songs that was popular back in the 1940's. What I particularly love about these vintage songs is how it was composed, the arrangements, and the story behind it.  Just to say most of the 1940's were in the WWII era, the songs are somewhat inspired by what had transpired during those time: Lovers are forced to separate because of war, the tragedy, the depression, etc.,. To point out, remember the song in Casablanca (As Time Goes By), and the story? -- yeah, bucket of tears.

It's one of the things that I listen to when I am about to sleep (recommended playlist: here), or I just want to relax. It definitely sets my mood, and it's also a good way to romanticize the night (dim the lights to darkish yellow, enjoy a sip of warmed whiskey (or any liquor for that matter), and play the recommended playlist).

You might wonder what's the point of this entry, but the point of this entry is for us not to forget these songs. I know they won't go anywhere because they are classic, but I hope we get to enjoy it while we can. Take us back to the 40's, and remember how life were back then.

Friday, October 24, 2014

260: Note to Self

If there's anything that I have learned is that we cannot depend our happiness towards others. We cannot depend our happiness to our partners, to our parents, to our friends, to people who's currently with us at the moment, because the thing is, all of them will eventually leave. They will go on their own life, they'd move on to another chapter that may not include us already. If we find happiness, and completeness with their presence, imagine how broken we are when they have left.

Monday, October 20, 2014

259: Run a Little Longer

If you've read my last post Failing Forward 2014 I have ranted how disappointed I was this year. But one of the things that could alleviate my disappointment is how I have performed in my running this year. 

To say, I have written about running once, and had mentioned it quite a few times already. It's only lately that I had fallen in love with the activity. I have hated everything about running because it's painful. But honestly, for the past few times that I had been running, I realized that it's not only about a habit, a sport, or a lifestyle, but it's also a meditation. It allowed me to reflect how the discipline about running applies to my life.

How I had been performing in my running is just how I had been in my goals, as one of serious runner told me -- albeit rather bluntly while I was ranting how painful my feet were after running for an hour: 
 "You know what? You're not in pain. If you are, you'd be sitting instead of walking. But you've been walking for a few meters already. You know what you are? You're lazy. And I'm telling you, if you are lazy right now in your running, you'd be lazy in other areas in your life as well. You better think about this, you claim you love running but you're lazy to work hard on it. How much more for other things that you claim to love doing? -- do it, go run! Don't stop until you know you have given everything." 
That comment went straight to me, and hit me hard at the heart. I realized that on everything I have ever did it was all half hearted. I realized that I never had done something where I have gave everything, gave my best effort; and that I how I had approached goals, and tasks were delivered without such gravity.

After hearing the comment, I ran. I ran, and ran until my lungs were pumping gas and my throat were on fire. I knew I had to do it, my life were already in spinning out of control, and running is probably the only (out of few) things that I have control over. I do not want to beaten here.

I joined the HP Run that was held last Sunday, I took the 10K run. To my surprise I was 20 mins early this time compare to my last year's record. I wanted to finish the race within an hour but at least even though I didn't, I broke my own record.

I love running, but I still hate the process. I hate how hard it is to run, the painful process that I had to go through before I reach the finish line, but the feeling of finishing a painful course made it all worth it. It's one of the (few) event that always made me feel so relieved, and grateful that finally I had arrived (in the finish line). I guess that's how it feels like when we have won, and I love that feeling; and that's why I love running.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

258: Failing Forward for 2014

The essence of man is imperfection. Know that you're going to make mistakes. The fellow who never makes a mistake takes his orders from one who does. Wake up and realize this: Failure is simply a price we pay to achieve success. - J. Maxwell
It's early to say this, but if I have to summarize how my 2014 had been, it's a decline. It's an opposite of how productive my 2013 was. The fault that I had with why I did not achieve that much this year is because of how I handled my goals. Most of those I have listed had no follow through. There was no time management involved as to when I should do them, and I basically left them all to the *right time* -- whatever that means.

Last month, when I checked on my supposed goals, I ended up really depressed about it. I realized that my year had been nothing but (felt) a straight line; there was no self-progression, no highlights, nothing spectacular, plus to make it worst, my goals at work was spiraling out of control! I was mortified when I did a performance review that I realized that for a year my *supposed goals* at work was all scattered.

There was really no one to blame but myself, and how I handled my targets. I guess I should have been smart about handling my time, wiser on my priorities, disciplined to do a follow-through, and faithful to my commitments.

I was on self-loathing, and on the edge of losing my optimism, faith, and hope that all of these are just a temporary set back. Boy, it was hard to pick up myself again and start again just as the sunrises on the morning.

On Recovery
In the midst of my self-hatred, hopelessness, I thought I had to recover once and for all. I thought if I continue to feel bad, and not move forward I'd be in the pit of shit that I had created for myself. So, the first thing I did was that I started reading personal development books. I started on a book that allows me to forgive myself which is: John Maxwell's Fail Forward and it has been an amazing self-help book. It taught me to look at a bigger picture than just dwell on what I had failed on.

Up to now, I'm still recovering but I am back on track. Starting with how I should look at this year. In-spite of the decline of my goals, I want to look at it as an achievement for finally allowing myself to make mistakes. I may had always been afraid to make mistakes and I guess this is the best year to experience it.

I'm looking forward to 2015 as a better person, a spring to my (2014) autumn.

Friday, September 26, 2014

257: Breathe Creativity

I have to confess, even though I am earning quite significantly well for someone on my age, and works on a multinational technology company, I would give it up to be talented and skilled in creative arts, and earn from it.

I want to excel in drawing comics, real life portraits, be a graphic designer, an illustrator, or just someone who breathes and eats fine arts and design. Just something in that damned area.
But I am not (well, not yet there). Instead, I have to deal with servers, warehouse management, change management, and all that jazzy reports you’d roll your eyes over. I am not ungrateful because it pays so well, but settling in this situation felt like a marriage of convenience instead of love (okay, okay too much historical romance reference — hahaha). I just want to create something, okay?!

But I have hope. I am still looking forward to leave the corporate world and immerse myself in colors and design. And I know I can make this happen because I can start some time, and there’s no such thing as too late, right?

And to end my babble, here’s a thought from Kurt Vonnegut:
"…go into the arts. I’m not kidding. The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possibly can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.”

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

256: Sunrise @ Kuala Lumpur

Sunrise @ Kuala Lumpur, if there's something that I have noticed in (where I was) Malaysia it's that the life begins at 7AM. In fact, I have a photo where in by 6:00AM their street is still clear of cars and just few people are around. I'm not sure if it's because the sun rises quite later than in Manila. But whatever the reason maybe, I find it really tranquilizing. Soothing from the usual busy early mornings in Philippines. This is even more evident when we went at Putrajaya and stayed in Marriott; the hotel itself is dead by 5.30AM. The lobby is clear of door man, no staff in the reception area, and the lights are dimmed. Believe it or not, I think I didn't even see a guard roaming around the entrance of the hotel.

Don't take me wrong there's nothing wrong in busy mornings and relaxed ones. It just amazes me how different things are. This is what I love about in what I do, waking up in the morning and just experiencing foreign cities and I can do a comparison on where I currently am and where I live. Countries, cities have their own uniqueness. Didn't Marcel Proust once said that 'The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes'? And I found that quote true. Where I live in the Philippines, and where I was in Malaysia was like looking and experiencing an unfamiliar color for the first time.

Looking forward in waking up to a different city again next time.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

255: Putrajaya, Malaysia: Marriott Hotel - Business as Usual

This is the Marriott hotel that we stayed in at Putrajaya, Malaysia to attend a training. I wish I could say something that will do justice of how it felt like to spend time here in this five star hotel. The service is incredible. The food can't be compared. The amenities is superb. It is indeed an experience worth to share with friends and love ones. The Marriott hotel in Putrajaya ( stays true to its promise to give its guests an experience that is unforgettable. It's location, albeit a bit far from the city, the hotel has free shuttle service to bring their guests to different cities (like KLCC, Alamanda, etc.,). If I could say anything about the place, it's the fact that it confuses me if I am in indeed in Malaysia or in Dubai. Not that I have seen Dubai personally, but if I compare it to the pictures that I have seen of what Dubai is, then Putrajaya is at least in my opinion at par. It is absolutely breath taking!

This is what I love about what I do -- part time -- to say. I mean, if I get to enjoy a luxury vacation, get paid to live a lifestyle, and be surrounded with great people, why not. I love my choices. It is indeed an amazing experience bar none. I am looking forward to next travel experience again!




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Sunday, August 10, 2014

254: Small Decisions

And here I am back from Malaysia.

I am not going to apologize for being away, because I realized that whenever I fail to update my journal or my blog I keep on apologizing. I find apologizing for being busy and not making time an excuse for being a procrastinator.

I know that it's a conscious decision of mine to be away and to procrastinate so I shouldn't be too apologetic about it. So yeah.

A post about my Malaysia week will be posted next time. You guys, you should visit Malaysia and not just see the overrated (but reasonable) Kuala Lumpur (KLCC) but also the outskirts in that country. I found a state that's almost as similar to Dubai, and I swear it's breath taking!

Anyway, before I end this entry, I found that quote I've made above just right for what I went through. It's so true! Although, making a decision might make us feel uneasy, but one way or another we should make that (small) decision to do something even if the future of taking that decision is unknown. We just need to have faith that the things that happens in our life will lead us to that path, and cliche as it may sound, it happened because it has a reason. So don't be afraid, do make that decision.

I do not own the quote by the way, just the graphics and the photo.

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Have you done some decisions in your life without knowing how it will affect your future? How did it go? What made you made that decision despite unknown consequences?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

253: The Curious Traveler : In the Shy Islands of Cagbalete

When the summer had finally kicked in there were too many people interested to have a get away. Most people headed to the famous beaches such as Boracay, Palawan, Baler, and Puerto Galera. Who wouldn't be tempted to plan a little escape since during the summer since the temperature went so high that going to the beach or a pool resort is necessity suddenly?

I am not immune to such fad. I myself ended up planning, and booking. However, despite how enthusiastic I got there are just certain circumstances that's preventing you from enjoying your escape that led me to do a last minute cancellation. But despite all that, I found myself forcing to at least have one get-away. How can I not? I had a total of 8 international vacation last year, I should at least have one escape plan to the reality.

So what we are really looking for our type of get-away is something that could be traveled within a day, low cost, and not too crowded. We are lucky enough that we live in the Philippines that beaches, islands are not too far. Arent we an archipelago after all?

We had a lot of various choices until we are beckoned by the lovely and shy island of Cagbalete. Cagbelete is an island near Quezon Province. We traveled going to Buendia Station to Lucena and finally to Maubay Quezon, where we took our ride to the island.

Going to Cagbelete

There are fews ways to get to Cagbalete island. But first we had to get to Lucena city. We had our choice between going to JAC liner in Kamias, Quezon City or in Buendia Station, Metro Manila. Since we live in the South, we opted to go to Buendia. By the way, the JAC liner has a busy schedule during Saturdays and Sundays so you can expect that there are trips almost every minute.

We left San Pedro, Laguna at 3:30AM and arrived in Buendia almost quarter to 5. By 5:00AM the bus was already on its way to Lucena. The bus fare costs 254.00 (as of May 31, 2014).

I have to admit that going to Quezon is a long travel. According to the conductor it usually takes 4 hours to reach the Lucena Grand Terminal, and 5 to 6 hours if there's a heavy traffic. But we reached the Grand Station 4 hours after.

In the Lucena Grand Terminal we had our breakfast. There are choices of fast food restaurants where to eat at, but the famous ones is Jollibee, and Chowking. They also have food stalls there like the Master Siomai.

We were expecting that there are vans to take us to Mauban, but according to the locals if we wanted to get to Mauban via van we should have went to the SM Lucena or the Pacific Mall. But since we are in the Grand Station, the only choice we had is the Provincial Bus - NCR bus lines - to take us there.

The provincial bus is the bus that I expected in the movies: crowded, narrow, and hot. Going to Maubay fishing port will take an hour or so. I have to admit that during the trip, it almost blew off my patience because of the crowd and the temperature inside.

When we got to Maubay there's an initial stop that the bus did. For starters, or newbies this is where everyone gets off. But actually this is not the last trip. For someone who is a tourist in the place, I would have gotten off and rode the tricycle honking to get our attention to take us to the Maubay Fishing Port, but according to the local who sat with us, this is not the final destination. So we stayed.

The last trip is near the Maubay Fishing port, although I have to admit that we have to take a few meters 30 meters to get to the port itself. But compare to taking a tricycle who would probably be taking advantage of our ignorance in the local fare price, we took that choice. The walking distance was not too long though, you can survive the walking.

Maubay Fishing Port

In the Maubay Fishing Port you have two ways to get to the Cagbalete Island 1.) Private Boat 2.) Passenger Boat. How different they are? -- not so much. The Private boat is just the same fishing boat as the Passenger's but will take you to the island right away and on the resort . The passenger boat has time interval and would not be able to take you to the resorts thus you have to take a good 15 minute walk to get to there. Since we arrived 2PM the only available boat there was the private one. For a two way (going to the island and back to the port) it took us 2,000 Pesos. This 2,000 by the way was divided by 5 people. Plus, 50 pesos environmental fee.

If you want a cheaper way to get there I highly recommend the Passenger boat. It's just tricky when you get to the *station* where the ladies in the counter would sell you the private ones. But I think if we demanded to take the passenger type we could have saved a few peso since it only costs 50 to 100 pesos per head.

The Island

When we got to the island we had few choices of resort to check in: the Villa Noe Beach resort, the Villa Cleofas Resort, the MVT sto. Nino Island, and Donya Choleng resort. These resorts, by the way, almost shares the same price. Donya Choleng being the famous of all. We took the Villa Noe Beach because it was the nearest where we arrived and was not too crowded for us to place our tent.

The stay in the Villa Noe Beach was definitely a-okay. Although, you cannot expect convenient type of accommodation because the electricity only runs at 6:00PM until 12:00MN, and for the people who stayed on the tent like us, we had to use a common bathroom. BUT, I have to admit that even though the comfort rooms are shared by everybody, it was definitely clean. The stay in the resort for someone like us who had tents costs 250.00 per night, and an entrance fee of 50.00.

What I loved about our accommodation on a tent is being able to sleep near the shore, plus the view of the mountains, the ocean, and the sky was good as reachable. It made me feel closer to the nature. It was definitely something I preferred.

The only thing that you should be concerned about if you decided to sleep in the tent is that you have to have a power bank for your gadgets, and at night it can be a bit hot depending on the season. Plus, the resort where we are in does not have a canteen, thus we had to bring our own food. But there are few locals whom you can pay to buy stuffs for you in the near community without leaving the resort. We asked if they can buy us a pack of hotdogs (costs 240.00 pesos) and a cooked rice (15.00 each).

The Shy Island of Cagbalete

You might wonder why I call it *shy*, the reason why I call it that is because at peak hours of afternoon (12PM) the low tide there is so incredible that the ocean literally had to shy away from the shore for a good of few meters (about 40 to 50 meters away). When we arrived there by 3:00PM we literally had to just sit around near our tent, relaxing, and having a good laugh because there was no ocean to swim to. We had to walk far to get to the water.

So during our stay, there are few locals who would offered us for an island hopping. We had 2 choice for island hopping: 1.) to the Caves 2.) to the White Sands

We took the ride to the cave because according to the local the white sand during that time is also on a low tide thus we'll experience the same thing. So we opted to go to the cave.

Going to the cave took us an hour. It was literally a long boat ride. But we are happy with our ride because the boat was big enough to accommodate at least 8 to 10 people. Since my friends and I were only 3 in count we were able to enjoy the boat to ourselves.

By the way it costs us 1,200 for the island hopping because of the size of the boat that took us there.

The Cave and the Dive

We got to the cave, it wasn't big enough but it was amazing enough to see. I have never been inside a cave before so it's new to me. But it was a good thing to witness and experience. There was also a lighthouse where the cave was. The rocky mountain had sharp stones so we had to be really careful climbing. I had a few scrapes because of it.

The view on the top of the rocky mountain was priceless. In my traveling life I was able to fall in love with what I see, but being on this rocky mountain it reminded me to be amazed of how beautiful the nature is. It was so vast, and beautiful that it literally left me breathless and in awe. I am left without words in how I can explain to you what I have seen but I'm just telling you to go and see it for yourself.

On our way home, we were able to bargain with the boat driver if they can stop us in the middle of the ocean where we can snorkel and enjoy swimming in the deep ocean. They agreed as part of the 1,200 package. Besides, all they have to do is to stop the boat in the middle of the ocean. How bad the bargain could be? - lol.

Taking a jump in the deep ocean, and enjoy a good stroke is something that I have been wanting to do ever since I learned how to swim. Whenever I enjoy a good laps in the pool, I always wondered if I can really swim in this type of water. I have to say that it isn't definitely the same as swimming in a deep pool. Floating is effortless, but the vastness of the ocean, the waves can be a bit daunting that it somehow frightened me. But I wanted to do it. So I did.

The Vast Night Sky

Whenever I get closer to the nature -- that is by hiking, camping, beaching, I am always amazed during at night. This trip showed me again how beautiful the sky is during that time. It was so wonderful, so beautiful: The stars exploded like diamonds in the vast sky, scattered out to all the space available. Then there's the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, serenading along with the crickets. I wish I could take a photo, show you, and share with you the wonderful feeling of again re-witnessing the beauty that our God had solely created for us. *sigh*

The Ending

When morning came, it was like a cold shower of reality blasted to my face. I was dreading it. The hassle of going back to the reality is sinking in and almost erasing the feeling of euphoria that I felt in the beginning.

Since we paid a two way trip, the private boat who brought us to the island is the same one who brought us back to the fishing port. There, we were able to get to a tricycle (10 to 15 pesos each) which brought us to the van station.

The van ride taking us to the Lucena Grand Terminal costs 65.00 each, but it was more comfortable compare to the bus ride. A good 45 minutes is all that it takes to get to the terminal.

In the terminal, there are few rides going to take you to the city: Buendia, Alabang, Quezon City. We took our ride to the Buendia, the cost is also the same: 254.00 each.

All in all, the overnight stay we had was worth every minute, every sweat, price, and exhaustion to again rekindle that feeling of being in awe of witnessing God's gift to us, and the wonderful time to relax and have fun.

So if you want to enjoy a local beach trip, I'd definitely recommend for you to consider Cagbalete while it stays commercially free.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

252: Shaken not Stirred

Remember the goal. It may be far, but it will be worth it.

“You can only look back at what went wrong but you have to move forward, and again, keep the goal in mind.

Has anyone of you experience a real defeat? Something that you know you took the risk because you have to, gave it all, did all by the book, but in the end you didn't get the result you were expecting? -- or at least not yet getting the result you wanted?

Maybe I was naive, but I thought a moment of defeat is something that I can shrug off. You know, something that I think I can dust off easily and move on just like one of those seemingly-easy-to-comprehend-and-do-wisdom?

But heck it's more than that. Sometimes it's easier to be delusional about the fact that failure has not taken place yet. That it's easy to think that when his certain jab of life did was not at all hurting us or our ambition.

Yeah, it's okay. I didn't get the result I was expecting. I'll move on.

But then I got hit over and over again, that suddenly made me think that: Heck, what the hell ... ? It seems things were not working as expected. There is certainly something wrong with how I was approaching my goal, or how I was doing the work but I don't know why suddenly getting up, picking up where I was, what I still have feels a bit too hard?  -- Pride? I'm not sure.

I'm not sure if there's anyone here who had felt that way. That moment that you wanted to do something, to become something, to be damn just good at something, and yet it can't happen. Well at the moment. I'm not sure if it's because of wrong timing, wrong place, or what ..., I seriously have no idea but I'll figure it out.

But whatever despite this moment of defeat, like what my sister said, just do it. Just go back, and start doing it.

Moment of Defeat? yes it happens. RDJ knows.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

251: 100 Days Of Happiness

Has anyone of you tried the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge? I have seen this #100DaysOfHappiness tag in my Facebook feed but never really paid attention to it because heck, I thought is it really necessary? Plus, I sort of doubt myself completing it just because I'm a bit forgetful. So yeah, when I saw the challenge, checked it out, and then I realized that nope, that's not going to happen to me. Yeah, so all is forgotten until I see my friend had been posting hers in Instagram every single day.

Her intention was of course not to spam but rather keep track of it. I was really curious about how she was progressing, so I thought to check her Instagram profile. There it was her progress in the challenge.

After checking it out, I realized that it make sense to do it. I think what really got me to join the challenge is because in the end of the day -- even how horrible my day was -- I would look back on what moment I really felt happy about.

So yeah, I would definitely recommend to do it. I recommend it because it's good for our soul.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

250: I am Traveling Alone!

I'm Traveling Alone!
On my last entry: take me to the beach, I have ranted about being so stressed out and how much I needed some space because of all this real-life pressures that has been going on. Out of boredom that night, I started just browsing places where to go and before I knew it I am bound to Boracay this May.

The funny thing is I got myself book without any plans, and I actually feel good about it. You see, it has always been my plan to travel alone but I was just delaying because I didn't like the uncertainty of going on my own. I know others would think it's crazy, but I have read a few blog entries who actually have traveled alone and even recommended it (read: here, here). Plus, my friend also went to Korea alone and encouraged me to do it.

If you ask me what's my reason why I want to travel alone it's because I want to get to know myself better. I have been doing things alone, going to places (albeit locally) just by myself and realized that I am comfortable without a companion. It also feels good because I am able to think clearly of the things that I am doing. I thought why not try to do it for a few days?

Right now, I was looking for places to stay, and what to do and budge my funds. I am glad that I am progressing. I'm actually very excited! Seriously, thinking about it, makes me feel so liberated. I'll try to get to know some locals and some visiting tourists there. I'll pray for a very productive vacation and a very wonderful trip.

Monday, March 24, 2014

#HappyPirate: For Sale: Blogger Layout

Click the link below to see the layout

Hi there fellas,

As part of my Curious Ventures and #HappyPirate project I just started selling layouts as it was always a dream of mine to be able to make a money from being a graphic and web designer. You make checkout Giovanni Raquel on how the layout looks like. I also placed the terms in buying the layout.

Go visit! :)

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