Sunday, April 14, 2013

203: A Letter for Nobody

Hi Friend, 

Summer had been amazing, which is the reason why I had been away for quite some time. If you are wondering what I was up to for the past few weeks I was quite up to a lot of things. But most of it concerns about me learning a new skill such as learning how to do freestyle properly (swimming), doing high intensity training, a lot of 'good for the mind' programs, and basically just having fun under the sun. The 'good for the mind' program by the way is about mind programming, it's about disciplining my mental activities. Quite huge, eh? Anyway, I do not want to get into detail but rest assured I'm not going mental. ;p

You know, since life had been good to me in general I could not help but be excited about the future. I feel excited about it because I know something good will happen. I've always wished that I can do something - anything - of significant in this world, and not just spectate, and I have this intense feeling that it will happen in the future. It may sound crazy, but ... I just feel like things will fall on its place and it will be incredible. I'm excited because one day sooner I'll cease being audience and take the stage and play my part. 

I may come naïve but shoo you nay sayers because I believe on my fate. I believe on persistence, and of law of attraction so ... I'll be great, I'll do great things. And on the end of my journey, I'll do what Emma Watson's character did in the Perks of Being a Wallflower: stand in the back of the truck and spread my arms, feel the wind against my face, and just feel infinite. I'm excited.

But you know, I just don't wish this for myself. I wish all the greatness for you too. Greatness comes in different forms and it's up to you to define it, and solidly believe that it will come to you too. So be thrilled, and be amazing because our life and future is. :)

Love lots,

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