Thursday, January 2, 2014

235: 2014: Renewed Faith and Courage

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I went back on my journal to summarize all the accomplishments and experiences that I went through last 2013 (from starting my first business, new work roles, going to different countries, to negotiating, and dealing.,) I discovered how wonderful 2013 was. I realized that it was my best year yet, because I had been open to opportunities and challenges that was presented to me.

Honestly, if there's anything that I have learned last year it's the fact that when an opportunity comes (and it's a risk worth to take), take it. It doesn't matter if I do not know how to do it, because learning can come after. Besides, there's really nothing to lose because if it did not work out I thought I can credit it as an experience, and if it works then so much better.

Over-thinking on an opportunity is a disease. Seriously! Sometimes I over-analyze on something because I wanted to know of whether or not it will work, or if I can make it work. But over-thinking cannot really predict my chances because I haven't been on the situation yet. So I thought that the best way to predict how it will work it is to get involved first.

What I like about 2014 is that it's an reminder that we can do so much better than last year. During 2013, I wish I had been more courageous, and wiser. But I'm glad that I have realized my weaknesses, and my shortcomings because if not I'll be facing the same problem this year. This new year, it reminds us that we have 365 (363 counting now) days to make up on what we have failed to do last year.

So take courage, my dear fellow 1Padawans, and let's face 2014 with renewed faith and courage.

Share your thoughts on things you learned last year!

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