Wednesday, November 26, 2014

264: Just Around the Corner

Earlier today, I decided to go to our plaza and just checkout the stuffs there. There were small entrepreneurs who sells different kind of sorts. I never really had the leisure to check it out, because I have the implication that there was nothing really valuable to see there.

Not today though. For the past few weeks I've had the inclination to check out places despite of how they seem on the outside. It happened one time while I was walking around the corner that I realized that we really had good quaint stores waiting to be checked out. This kind of revelation appeals on my explorer self, so I gave it a chance.

So what I did today was check out the surplus stores, specialty shop, and etc., I had a great time checking them out with new eyes, and honestly despite of the fact that they had been there forever, it felt new to me. It felt like it was an adventure to me.

I was not able to take a camera with me, but I had my journal so I doodled how my little adventure went. I encourage you to be curious enough to check out those quaint boutique, you'll never know what you'll find out.

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