Monday, November 9, 2015

285: Departure.

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This month is probably the pivotal moment of my life: Two of my friends are going to get married, a relative ended a good long romance, another relative getting married, and one close friend will be migrating to Australia to be with her husband. When this close friend of mine had sent us a group message that she need to see us immediately because she will be migrating to Australia, it felt like a bucket of ice was doused on my back.

I realized that everyone is going somewhere. I was thinking 'Oh my cows, everyone is moving on to another chapter of their life', and here I am still living with my parents, working on the same company (it's a great company by the way) for 5 years, still single (but mingling), and still day-dreaming.

I'm not sure if others felt that way, that they felt alarmed that they haven't progressed on their lives. I knew people who had been in the same situation all through out their life. I know there's nothing wrong with that, but I thought that I cannot settle down and be content because I am at my best year to 'go out' and explore.

So I have a thought since my last post about 'starting again', I might as well move on a start a new life. I'm crossing my fingers for a new chapter next year!

Bon Voyage everyone!

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