Thursday, February 16, 2012

130: A Sad Post

Finally, at home. Yesterday, I got some upsetting email from my boss and since we will be having a meeting with her I was a bit nervous about it because I know I was in trouble. When we started our meeting I was really hoping that she won't pin point to the mistakes our team have done and end up highlighting my name. I was lucky that our boss did not name "us" (who made mistakes) but generally discussed the errors with us. It was embarrassing enough that she had emailed all of my team with my name in the screenshot who did the mistake. hahaha! Oh well. It happens.

On other things, I am little saddened of the fact that my father seems to be a little distant today [which was weird]. It started when my brother and I was not able to buy my mother something for Valentines. I really did not mean not to buy her a flowers, I wanted to, I just failed to do so. But I am planning to make up for it. I'll be buying her a flowers and a cake. Anyway, I believe that it was mostly where the drama started; because he had ranted how disappointed he was. But I do not know, my father has an unpredictable mood swings, and today might just be that day.

To say, my relationship with my father is complicated. Our relationship with him is complicated. I wish I could elaborate but I can't so let's leave it that way. Tomorrow's another day, let's just hope for a brighter one.

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