Saturday, May 12, 2012

150: Moved On from the Pain

It's been quite a while since the last time I have written here. The thing is, I drifted away because I was in "moving on" process, hence my last post.

Anyway, the past few weeks were another self discovery moments for me. Among the things that I have discovered, I conceived how much would my emotion do to try to beat to my knees. During the time that I was moving on, I was controlling my mind from wandering back to the person involve. I try to be productive just to divert my attention. I also tried so hard convincing myself that if I want to move on I must stop clinging on the thought of going back. Additionally, I try not to wonder about the "what-ifs" or console my longings. I was afraid that if I did, I might tell myself to try it for the last time. I have decided that I should look forward. I must look forward. So, those steps were essential for me to take.

Know when to let go

I wanted to empty out all the hurt that I had.  So when I was more in control of myself, I wrote about how I felt. I know it might sound contrary of what I just said but I allow myself to grieve. I do this so I could dump all the pain inside. Believe me, it helped me moved on.

I do not write only of my pains, but I also write the small joys that I have; The feeling of gratefulness for where I am now and for what I currently have. Writing about those healed me. Praying to God also have helped me heal. Those things that I did helped me gain back the hope that I have for tomorrow.

Moving on is a process. It takes strength to overcome the pain. It takes faith that there's something good to look forward to. But we have to believe that one day it will all end. We just need to take the first step in order to get there. Know when it's enough, and stand firm on it. The rest will follow. ☺

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