Sunday, October 14, 2012

176: Something to Think About

When I have a spare time or I am in no rush I try to visit 99u. For those who doesn't know 99u is a great source of inspiration and motivation. It has the same objective as Ted's: It fuels people how to make their ideas happen, to find inspiration to make something happen, to have a paradigm shift, et al., So a minute ago, I was browsing inside 99u and ended up listening to Simon Sinek's talk. This is the first time I heard about Simon Sinek but his talk about connecting to people had amazingly inspired me. His talk made me decide to pick up his book and become an instant fan. Why? Because I believe on what he believes. Watch his talk:

I seriously believe in this. I believe that one of the way we could live a fulfilled and happy life is when we help others. Have you help someone generously and feel that incredible feeling of sense of fulfillment every time we became the source of someone's hope, of someone's inspiration? I never had been so conscious until now that the reason why I love volunteering, helping, inspiring is because I get that sense of purpose, of fulfillment every time I encourage people to believe in their dreams.

So now the challenge to us my dear faceless readers is for us to seek in whatever way we could do to help others, generously without expecting a return.

To helping others!

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