Sunday, October 28, 2012

177: Doing an Extra Step!

The past few weeks had really been a great challenge for me. For one thing, I have to design the interior for our event. And for another, the time allotted for me to work and the budget that's a little limited was honestly daunting.  Since the event was the first time for two teams to be together, I challenge myself to go way beyond "okay". I thought about wanderrgirl's 'Note to Self': Not settling for something good while I was brainstorming, I told myself that since I am the lead for the comms/marketing I might as well take the extra step. This is when I started juggling the thought if I could really do it even if I have too many responsibilities in my real role at work. 

The only solution that I could think about was that I could allocate some time. I thought that if my work starts at 8PM I could come at 6PM so I could start working on the decorations and not compromise my working schedule. Honestly, it was HARD. haha! I arrive home every 7:30AM, then I have to wake up around 2PM so I could arrive at 6PM in the office. But despite the sacrifices I have to say that I did enjoy every minute of working. 

So for three weeks of working on the decorations, for three weeks of not having a decent sleep I was glad it paid off very well. I am glad that I have added beauty to the event, that I did not only become a part of the gathering but participated to bring life and color in the party. I was involved.

Remember my post about "What can you do to help someone next to you?", this is it. I helped even on the simplest thing as decorating, and was fulfilling. Extending a hand without regrets, without demands, and just doing it for sheer happiness it can brought to people was an incredible, amazing feeling.

You know, just to end this a friend of mine asked me why I was doing it, she asked "eh, you're not being paid doing that why did you accept the task? Now, you're biting off more than you can chew. Give it to someone else.

Maybe it was my being ADHD or the fact that I am sort of a masochist that made me say, "On contrary, I actually enjoy it." But whatever it is I felt the resonating honesty (in my answer) deep within my soul. 

To constantly helping,

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