Saturday, July 27, 2013

215: Travel: Bali/Lombok, Indonesia: Day 1

They say that airport plays a significant part to let you know what awaits you on the country that you are visiting. Seeing the Denpasar International Airport (DPS) upon arrival excites me because the exterior has an exotic-asian touch. If I am a westerner, the airport itself would let me know that I am indeed in an asian place. Unlike (probably) some asian airports that's heading to modern style. But what was the huge let down was that: DPS is actually small inside. There is no way that you can hang around. It's certainly a 'pass-through' place.

First, flying to Indonesia alone is daunting. I blame my paranoia over little things. But I have been traveling alone and I'm pretty much confident with my instincts and my capabilities with what I should do if things do not come as planned. But things went smooth, and my sister and I saw each other without any problems (she flew from Singapore).

The trip was basically part of the Dreamtrips. We stayed at the Senggigi Beach Resort at Lombok. The resort had surpassed my expectations. First, it's not crowded. Second, the hotel was very good, although rustic (i'm not sure if this is part style). Third, the buffet/food was amazing. Fourth, the place is just ideal for people who wants to have a wonderful time, and rest. Fifth, the service was excellent. 
Sixth ... I can go on, lol. I am actually impressed that for a cheap price we got so much. World Ventures stayed true to their promise and gave us a trip worth remembering. 

What I really enjoyed was that we were able to enjoy the culture, and local information about place. We learned about the Chinese people who got into that place first because they were mining for coals and silver. Also, I have learned about the Dutch intervention, and etc., There were so much to learn! The pottery, the women in the place, the culture, the locals, the community. The itinerary was already provided by World Ventures, and all we had to do was lay back enjoy the wave, information, party, and have fun.

They say that in life the only ones that we remember are the experiences, and the memories, and this is certainly one of mine.

A welcome for us Dreamtrippers!

Someone is so happy at that moment.

Our trusty plane! :)

This is the place where people hangout: listening to the waves, the reggae songs, and chilled beers and wonderful foods.

Quite a view right?

Our view. We can hear the waves crashing on this area:

Some chilled beers for the long flight.

Romanticizing the night with some Bob Marley songs, great food, and wonderful company.

The reception area: quite a view eh?

The infinity pool. I love swimming here. It's a wonderful pool.

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