Monday, June 24, 2013

214: Travel - Day 2: Singapore - Back to Being a Kid

Singapore - Sentosa particularly is known as Asia's biggest playground. Sentosa offers quite a numerous things to do - for fun. They have themed parks, shows, rides, games, etc., basically things that one with child at heart would certainly enjoy. That's where we headed on our second day.

People who go to Singapore would not want to miss going to Universal Studios, because come on USS  offers A LOT of fun things to do. The only problem there is that since it's a tourist attraction expect a huge line. I am glad that my sister was able to get an exclusive pass that we were able to enjoy ALL the rides in USS in express.

Our badass pass
Here we go

I'm really impressed with these people! They literally live up to their characters.
Plus, they are beautiful! :)

Someone's just hanging out

Oh the crew people!

Love this Egyptians lol

Man, you should try their thick milkshake! It's unbelievably the best milkshake I ever had
If you're going to USS I'd recommend you to try each and every ride there is and watch all the show possible because I'm telling you it's worth it. It might make you feel a kid -- or even silly, but being silly for a moment is what you should be. Enjoy. Savor. 

Going to theme parks such as this and extremely having a great time makes me realize how much I miss being a kid, where we became so mindless of the time passing by and just savoring every moment we are at bliss. 

So many things had happened from trying to save every penny (oh man, Singapore is a little expensive, mind you), learning to know the directions, enjoying the heat, the wonderful people,., everything is just priceless. 

I'm glad for the opportunity that I have for making travelling possible for us because we just cannot live in this life by merely existing we need to live it. Experience and create memories. 

Next stop: BALI. WOOOT WOOT.

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