Sunday, October 26, 2014

261: Take Me Back to 1940's

First and foremost, before you proceed my dear readers please, play this song:

I'm not sure about you, my wonderful readers, but I have a certain fondness towards Jazz and Classic/French songs that was popular back in the 1940's. What I particularly love about these vintage songs is how it was composed, the arrangements, and the story behind it.  Just to say most of the 1940's were in the WWII era, the songs are somewhat inspired by what had transpired during those time: Lovers are forced to separate because of war, the tragedy, the depression, etc.,. To point out, remember the song in Casablanca (As Time Goes By), and the story? -- yeah, bucket of tears.

It's one of the things that I listen to when I am about to sleep (recommended playlist: here), or I just want to relax. It definitely sets my mood, and it's also a good way to romanticize the night (dim the lights to darkish yellow, enjoy a sip of warmed whiskey (or any liquor for that matter), and play the recommended playlist).

You might wonder what's the point of this entry, but the point of this entry is for us not to forget these songs. I know they won't go anywhere because they are classic, but I hope we get to enjoy it while we can. Take us back to the 40's, and remember how life were back then.

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