Sunday, January 11, 2015

270: How 2015 so far?

Hello dear lovelies! So how's your 2015 so far? I hope yours started amazing just as mine did. I have been keeping up with my organizer and I'm glad that things were working out lately. I'd definitely say that I am more conscious on my goals and I've been beating myself off from procrastinating. I've been more afraid now whenever I feel like delaying my plans or whenever I ended up not doing them. Honestly, ever since I started using my organizer and started reading self-help books about productivity, I felt more in control of my life.

I'm not sure if the *organizer* is the key, but -- hahaha -- honestly, last year I just leave things to happen spontaneously or whenever it is convenient to do so, but I really do believe that the organizer helped so much to keep me on track, just as it helped me last 2013. Additionally, the self-help books keeps me fueled to go-on and strive to be better.

Here's to hoping for more accomplishment this year!

Miso the French Pug from Miso @ facebook | Edited by Me

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Are you looking forward to a better-you this 2015?
What helps you to achieve these goals?

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