Friday, January 16, 2015

271: How God reached out to me thru Pope Francis

I am still reeling from the fact that a little while ago I was two - three steps away from Pope Francis. Who would have thought that I would have this opportunity? 

--- Well apparently, God. 

Last January 11, I dreamed of seeing Pope Francis live. In my dream I got to see him so close, but before I had the chance to know if I will ever have the chance in touching him, I woke up. I was so amused and at the same time thrilled by my dream, I wrote it in my status on facebook.

"hihi dreamt of Pope Francis. Back to sleep."
A few days after while I was on my way to go the office, I was reading a passage in bible and I ended up reading Matthew 1:18-25 ( it was basically about the angel appearing on Joseph's dream). When I got to the part where Joseph woke up from his dream and he did what the angel of the lord commanded him to do, I ended up thinking if it was a sign that I should see the Pope in any way that I can. 

I never really thought hard about it, because I thought that my chance of seeing him in real is rather slim to no chance at all. I mean, how can I see him when there's so many people who's probably more aggressive in actually seeing him than me? I was so indecisive because there were so many things I was worrying about, like I thought about stampede, security, and just being disappointed because I wouldn't see him. I, honestly, want to give up on the idea.

But early morning today, I decided to give it a go and I mumbled a silent prayer that I hope to see our Pope. But I already had conditioned myself that whatever happens I'll just enjoy and experience what it's like to actually wait for him. 

And to my surprise, this happened:

So what does it have to do about God sending his message to me thru our Pope? If you read my entry 'Be Brave' I reached to the point asking if God is still listening to me because He seems to be indifferent on my sufferings, I felt so defeated when I felt that He wasn't listening at all. So I stopped asking for His intervention on my dreams. I ended up just asking for God to strengthen my faith.

And this granted opportunity to see Pope Francis and his message on Meeting of the Families was just the answer.

First, the appearance of Pope on my dream, and the gospel I came across (Matthew 1:18-25) -- This tells me that I need to have faith on my dreams.

Second, the fact that Pope also discussed about the power of dreaming (I didn't know that Pope talked about the power of dreams because I was on my way home when the Pope talked about it during the meeting of families. I got to know about this when someone commented on my Facebook post that 'Pope just talked about the power of dreaming')

If you're familiar with my entries, this means a lot to me because I have many aspirations, and dreams. Last year's setbacks almost had me questioning if God is still there. He answered me thru the Pope's chosen topic: Dreaming! Coincidence? Of course not! Plus, he discussed about it right after I saw him in the flesh! What a right timing!

I almost strayed away from God because of my disappointments, and how He seems to ignore me, but He used the Pope -- His chosen shepherd -- to bring me back to His loving arms.

Thank you, God. Thank you, Pope Francis.

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