Monday, February 2, 2015

272: An antithesis of what Love and Hate can do

First and foremost, I really had to delay posting my real post because it feels so insensitive on my part to check how my January went by when we are still mourning of the injustice of how our fallen heroes were massacred. It seems my rants were so small and insignificant, that I have no right whatsoever to rant when I should be grateful for what I have.

The past few weeks had been a roller coaster for our nation. Two weeks ago we celebrated Love, Mercy, and Compassion while Pope Francis was here. We were a nation united by Love then. We have united ourselves through Christ's Love. During that time, we witnessed a leader who had braved the storm to comfort, and to show solidarity. We have witness an embrace, tears of joy, laughter, humility, and most of all Love. We rejoiced.

A week after, we were terrorized: We saw massacre. We witness hate, tears, wives being widowed, fatherless children weeping, and heard of lies, of doubts, of different stories. In all of this, we saw what a man can do to another man who knew nothing of Love.

A juxtaposition of week. An antithesis of what Love and Hate can do. A leader's love to comfort. A leader's hate to massacre.

Rest in Peace to our fallen heroes. You are never a number, you will never be forgotten.

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