Monday, February 9, 2015

273: Definition of Success?

My sister and I usually have one of the most interesting conversation. I am glad of these types of conversation because it does not border on the usual dialogues, most of them were actually thought-provoking. The type of exchange that I enjoy so much is ideas, and about life.  So one day while we were on our way to a coffee shop (hint: the green mermaid), my sister and I were talking about success.

"How can you say that you are successful?" my sister asked as she stirred her coffee.

I was taken aback, that it felt like everything stopped for a split-second, that like as if a lightning just struck the coffeetable between us. After all the exchanges that we had, that's the ultimate question. Yeah, so how can one really tell to that s/he is successful? 

Instead of answering her, I shot back a question "wait, how do you define success? Success is subjective."

The reason why I was taken a-back because there's just no concrete answer to that question (IMHO). Sometimes some people get that thinking that success means having all the materials in the world, when some could say that s/he is successful by just raising healthy-God fearing kids. So, I'm not sure if my definition of success is the same as to what my sister is thinking.

My sister answered me of her definition of success. It actually ended up listing down the things that she wanted to achieve. I gave mine as well in list. While I was telling her what I want to achieve, it dawned on me that yeah maybe success is after all an achievement of things that we want. :|

It's actually funny, because when we think of success, material things suddenly pops into the mind. I guess we already have that preconceive thoughts because of the influence of the media. But I think if we look into our hearts, we have our own definition of success that is free from society's definition. How simple. Defining what we really want, getting it, is what makes a success. Basic.

So you, my dear readers, how do you define your success?

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