Monday, March 30, 2015

278: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

There will come a moment in our life that we would wake up as a different person.
For the past few days I had been having a hard time thinking of what to write here. The reason why I found it hard is because I am afraid that this blog all turn out to be spiritual because apparently, at this moment of my life, the most important matter to me right now is my faith.

Obviously, Lord Jesus humored me when I prayed for Him to 'strengthen my faith', because when He granted my prayer, the only subject I could think of for the past few months is my relationship with Him. I cannot even imagine getting on the day without praying (the rosary, daytime prayer/vespers). I do not pray for the sake of praying, or getting my prayers/intentions granted but because I wanted to be closer to Him, I want to put Him in the center of my life, to be in relationship with Him. So right now, I find it a bit hard not to talk about Jesus.

This is where the problem comes in.

I know it shouldn't be a problem because considering that I own this blog, I can pretty much write about anything here, but I always wanted to have a niche. I wanted to connect to people -- not just to Catholics/Christians -- but to everyone. I wanted to tell my journey as a human being traveling in this world, but it's not the case now.

I guess moving forward you'll most likely read entries about my journey with Jesus. I know it might not appeal to everyone, but it's okay, I understand. But I hope for those who can relate will stick with me. This is, besides, for Jesus.

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