Monday, April 13, 2015

280: Travel on: the Sunset of Palaui

Long overdue! My good friends and I went to Tuguegarao and to Palaui, Cagayan during the lent week (March 21 to 25).

If there's something that I can remember about Tuguegarao it's how generous the servings are when they serve meals. And of course, the temperature. It's scorching hot. If you want to experience raw, undiluted summer, if you want to experience the 'real' summer temperature go to Tuguegarao. But besides, the heat, the place was extraordinary. I hope I had time to explore it thoroughly. We went to Tuguegarao as our first stop towards our real goal -- Palaui Island in sta. Ana, Cagayan.

First, how did we end up on the idea of Palaui -- of all islands! To say, Palaui was featured as a spot for Survivor. So yeah, they had a season Survivor: Cagayan. Thank God for seat sale we were able to book Tuguegarao to reach the Palaui Island for only a thousand and few hundreds.

On the Palaui Island, we've hiked to Cape Engano Lighthouse, and I swear the great view of the island didn't fail to take my breath away. The faint sound of the waves crashing below, and the wind with a hint of saltiness from the sea, you'd wish you can take the moment on your pocket so you could relive the moment every time the world becomes unkind. This is also the moment that you can marvel on God's creation.

The view on the lighthouse
One of the fields that we crossed going to the lighthouse, reminds me of the Hobbit
On sunset: whenever I go to an island, I always take time to see how the sun sets there. The sunset in Anguib beach (somewhere in Palaui), is quiet.  It's not as grand and as boastful as the sunset in La Union, but it was quiet and placid. The sun hid behind the clouds until it finally and quietly waved good bye. The unobtrusive sea accompanied the quiet goodbye of the sun, is a perfect time for someone to meditate. Hence, it was the moment that I talked to God.

There are many things that the Palaui island offers. You can snorkle, and dive. Also, Palaui has a mangrove that you should not miss. When you get there make sure that you savor the moment because you become one of the nature. The place takes you to its 'paradise', and allows you to experience it if only you'd allow yourself. It's quiet, unassuming beauty is humbling. This journey is a wonderful chapter of my life. It allowed me (again) to experience things I haven't experience before -- something to take with me when I grow older.

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