Sunday, April 26, 2015

281: Lord Jesus, help me to be able to help your people

April 15 encounter ...

"Kamusta na po?" (How are you?)
"Nako, nabundol ako kahapon. Eto o' namamaga pa yung braso ko." (Oh my, I was hit by a car yesterday. Look, my arms are still sore)

Thus said by the 93 old lady who usually sits outside the Eton Centris Mall. This lady, who had become a friend.

This is the last thing I wanted to hear. Yesterday (April 14) I was looking for her so I can give her the rosary that I told her I'd give her in replacement of what she currently had. I've noticed that the rosary that she's using as a necklace has a broken crucifix. I told her I'd buy her a new one. So I purchased it the last time I went to Manila Cathedral.

When I arrived Monday on my way to the office, I noticed that she wasn't sitting on her usual spot. So I thought I'd just give her the rosary the next day, and then when that day came, she told me the accident that had happened to her.

It was the reason why she was not on her usual spot when I was looking for her.

My heart instantly broke when I saw the bruise that she had on her arm. It was large. I asked her if the one who had ran into her helped her, she said that it was a hit and run.

During that time I was torn between telling her to come with me so I can bring her to the nearest clinic or just give her a cash and go to my office since I cannot - obviously - help her that much (my shift was about to start 30 minutes before I met her).

I reached out to my pocket and gave her a money so she can get herself checked, then I left with a heavy heart.

Here again am I just handing out bills to the person in need. But as I walking away from her I keep on mumbling 'Lord, please help me know how I can help her'. I knew I had to do something.

It took me a while to figure out, but while I was setting up my laptop on my cubicle in the office, I thought about inquiring in the clinic what medication is needed to do if one is suffering from bruises and sores. I bought what she needed and told her what the nurse told me about curing bruises. It was the best thing I can do at the moment.

There are many times that I keep on wondering how I can serve the people that Jesus entrusts me -- us --  to take care of. I keep on wondering because, on my part, I know my limitations (such as capacity to provide, etc.,) But I always pray for Jesus to help me figure out a way -- to be capable to help His people.

For the past few days, I haven't seen Nanay  yet. I pray that she's better. I never had forgotten to pray for her. I hope I can see her this Monday so I can inquire how she is faring.

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