Sunday, February 27, 2011

25: Blackberry dilemma.

I am currently in dilemma. I am torn between buying Blackberry 9700 Bold 2 or sticking to my budget. There are pros and cons, but what really pushes me back in dismissing the thought of buying it, is the fact that I am in an finance diet.

When I try to contemplate what are my reasons why I should buy it, I only ended up with: I have to buy a new phone since my phone is way too old already. 

Seriously, I couldn't care less of cellphones because I really think it's an expensive material. But what allures me of this cellphone is because of it's durability and it's being organized. I think this cellphone can outlast a century. Plus, knowing that I have an extra cash to spend is beckoning. But, but, but, but the nagging thought of me not needing it is just enough to pull me back.

Haaaaay, up until this moment I haven't had an answer yet.

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