Sunday, February 6, 2011

23: :( & :D

I learned how dogs love when one day, I was so sad and my dog Pinky went into my room and placed her head on my lap. I did not share how I felt to anyone and it was she who had felt that something was wrong and was the first one to sympathize with me.

We might never spoke the same language but we definitely share our feelings.

.... I miss her but I know she's in the best place right now. <3


Anyway, baaaaah I'm going to skip talking about that because I might eventually weep. HAHAHA! Today, I spent half of my time sleeping, a bit of reading, updating my story, updating my sketch, making finance manager program in Excel, and crocheting. I literally did not leave my room today except when I go to use our bathroom or eat.

My mom knocked on my door and asked me if I was being a *cave woman* again (this had been our joke when I don't go out of my room) and I told her that it's just for today because I am getting behind my works. When she asked me of what I am doing, she laugh a little and told me that I should stop getting a head of my time. I told her that I was actually procrastinating last week and just had the opportunity to work on my stuff today, so I was a bit loaded. But I assure her that I was having fun doing those.

*sigh* But  I thought that she was right. So I just stopped crocheting. After updating this, I might get some goodie-foodie and watch some zombie movie. :] HAHAHA that rhymes.

So how was your weekend? :)

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