Sunday, December 23, 2012

188: and I wrote while I bleed

1 o'clock and here I am bleeding on the blank sheet of my journal. Ideas seems to be evasive at the moment but the emotions were surfacing on my veins soaking the sheets with blood. 

Heart pumping ...
                    Mind racing ...
                               Palms sweating ...

... bleeding, bleeding until I have filled the sheet with blood. I laid down consumed. Dead.


I have an addiction of getting away (who doesn't anyway?). Whenever I see an opportunity to get away I'd take it. We have different reason why we enjoy escape. But what I particularly enjoy about it is because it gives me an opportunity to write on my journal undisturbed. I was lucky that my good friend Raisa had invited me to hangout in the hotel her family had checked in. So we had the room by ourselves. We stayed there drank an incredible amount of liquor, and while my good friend was sleeping on the couch I took the available time to write. 

To say, I was drunk when I wrote on my journal. I talked about my current emotions that has been plaguing me for few days already. I was writing, writing, writing until I slumped down on the chair and realized that I have exhausted myself writing. It was the first time I wrote with such intensity that I had my head spinning afterwards and was literally spent. 

But writing while in state of drunkenness has an amazing effects. haha.

I also did some sketching afterward. :) lol.

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