Monday, January 7, 2013

191: Have Courage! *inserts a mighty barbaric yawp*

If there's anything that I have known about dreams, it's the fact that sometimes inorder for us to take our dreams forward it's necessary to give up on few things. Before, I thought that maybe I can do that without necessarily giving up on anything. But now that I took a step towards my dream I realized that: yes, I cannot bring everything at once. I still ended up giving up on something. But it's okay since the only thing that I have to give up (for now) is my savings. 

And it's only money. I can manage to get the amount that I have given in order to buy my dream. BUT, there's something else that I feel that I'll have to give up too (soon!!). I feel this way because I have realized that I need to buy time to work on my plans. 

But for now I do not want to think about the things that I have to sacrifice in order to reach my goals. But if I come to the point of facing a choice, I know what I will choose. 

I've read about great perhaps in John Green's Looking for Alaska, and I've read about people taking adventure in order to reach their goal. There are risks for me. But of course I have re-assessed the risk that I can take -- so, yes I am ready. It doesn't matter if the future looks uncertain but I am happy that made the choice.

Je Suis Prest. I am ready.

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