Saturday, January 12, 2013

192: On Resolutions

It's New Year and it's time again to re-new those Resolutions. Honestly, this year I was not able to write down my resolution upon the year 2013 came, just because I feel like it's useless to do something that I know I might forget the next month. But upon bumping into this info-graphic, it made me think. Maybe you know we've been very unconscious about it but I think the reason why we couldn't get the resolution alive until the year ends is because we are not reminded of our goals, so yeah it dies down. So today, I've placed my resolution on my cork board that's placed on my cabinet. I also had written it down on my planner. I just pray to God that I wouldn't be so lazy to procrastinate on my goals. But I have hopes. So let's do this 2013!

Please Include Attribution to With This Graphic Setting Goals Infographic

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