Monday, May 6, 2013

205: Life Moment: 'Round the Bend

... and I won't start apologizing for the long absence, neither will I start excusing myself as I find that there is no excuse whatsoever for not posting. But I've been insecure, to say (which is the reason why I stay out of here). The last post I've ranted in this blog was that it hadn't been curious enough and I wanted to stop that. I told myself that from that day forward, I'll write on things relevant to "curiousness" but since my mind couldn't come up relevant to that, plus work, and personal goals had been taxing I postponed the writing. 

So 'round the bend. For the past few days I had been reviewing my 24 List of Curious Improvement (among other crazy thoughts that's crossing my mind) and I must say that I've been able to make a progress on some of them. But problem right now is that I never had a chance to monitor them and post them here. Well I must admit: I suck at keeping track of everything. But I think I somehow can manage to monitor them, and post them here. I just -- maybe -- need some reminder what I have to do, and stop procrastinating about it. 

You know whenever I think about my goals, I cannot help but really wonder where my 'God given talent' lies. Everyone has it and I just need to find out what it is and tap it. It's frustrating that I'm 24 years old and still continues to live in a mundane lifestyle, and who's life schedule was like of an automaton. I don't want that. I want to live because I have purpose, because God's people needs me. But then reality would slap the life out of me and make me realize that the only purpose I have right now was to do the best that I can do at work (which I am currently doing), spoil my family, read a book, and be no-one knows about and live nowhere-people-knows-about. And I just can't live like that. I have to participate. I have to participate in life. Else, I'd feel like I have not done my mission. 

And while I think all about this conundrum and the daily wonders of my mundane life I'll have to find something that I can do perfectly -- at least for now.

I'll get back to you and let you know what it is (while I wait for that God given talent to fall upon me).

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