Sunday, March 10, 2013

196: the 24 Lists of Curious Improvement

HORRAY!  I'm twenty four! I just celebrated my twenty fourth birthday yesterday. And as much as I was eager to start celebrating my 24th birthday, I am excited to commit myself with my 24 Lists of Curious Improvement.

To say, I've been wanting to do something of an essential -- an improvement on myself. I thought why not give myself a year to track all the improvements that I wanted to do to myself? Hence, my 24 lists. I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to do them all, since 24 seems like a huge number. But I'm taking this as a commitment and I am going to do all my best get to get it completed (darn, I hope I don't sound like I am convincing myself *laughs*).

So here are the things that I want to accomplish before my 25th.
  1. Improve fashion style (wear more dress?) - done
  2. Learn how to do make up 
  3. Paint 24 portraits
  4. Get my hair styled
  5. Make my own accessories
  6. Learn how to do lettering
  7. Make 1 font out of lettering
  8. Learn how to improve blog design and create (share it to people).
  9. Learn how to silk screen print
  10. Make my own t-shirt design
  11. Make my own shorts
  12. Get my passport some stamp - done
  13. Read 100 books on Personality Development (marketing, sales, relationship, leadership, wealth, communication skills, etc,.)
    • The Unemployed Millionaire - Matt Morris 
    • Screw it, Let's Do It - Richard Branson
    • Questions are the Answers - Allan Pease
    • Awaken the Giant Within - Anthony Robbins (Currently Reading)
  14. Write on my journal every week.
  15. Blog twice a week
  16. Decrease CC debt to 100%
  17. Increase savings to 50%
  18. Make and Sell something online
  19. Learn how to speak french
  20. Learn how to walk with 3 inch heels
  21. Lose 10lbs
  22. Surprise my parents with a treat
  23. More Photography
  24. Have a DIY project
*phew* quite a list, eh?! I'm excited to start and accomplish them. Cross your fingers for me my friend.

So you, have you ever planned something and tracked it and see it accomplished? Share your story! :)

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