Monday, August 12, 2013

221: a Bag of Mixed Beans: Instagram, and a pint of vent

  1. Paroxysm of Rage - This watercoloring I've painted borne out of frustration. I find watercoloring a good venting method to alleviate some of my pent up emotions. It's not so much but I'm quite happy of the outcome.
  2. You should be here! - Man, I had this back when I was in Singapore attending the Millionaire Bootcamp, that's my ID lace. I miss the environment there, I miss the people, the energy, the mentors. Man, truly one of the best bootcamp ever.
  3. A Mix of Curry - I had one of the best curry in Singapore. We ate in the local Indian restaurant, and as much as the smell nauseates me, I did enjoy it. I didn't have much rice, but substituted prata bread instead but I'm telling you even though I didn't have much rice I feel very heavy afterwards.
  4.  Synergy - That's the people I spent time with. I was in the extreme left standing next to my wonderful sister. I miss these people.
  5. Nananana #Ironman - Look at my cute-sy Ironman flashdrive. Very nerdy, isn't it?
  6. My Decision - That yellow badge that I got in the Millionaire bootcamp is my decision. You might be wondering what decision it is, but this decision I took is the commitment that I made that I chose to be successful in the endeavor that I took. 

For the past few days I had been a little bit of a mixed up. Mixed up because I finally found what I want to do in my life but sometimes, sometimes I cannot help but also second-guess myself. I know I've been rallying on being optimist, and fighting for what we want in life but sometimes reality just keeps on knocking on my head to be realistic.

But honestly, I've been rolling my eyes when I hear about being realistic because seriously as Will Smith shared that 'being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity'. So you know, it makes me ill to think of not pursuing my goals because of my shortcomings or because of some lame excuses because I just can't. I can't just live my life not being able to carry out my goals, because I have to be realistic. ugh.

To tell you honestly, I'm not sure how I can work it out, but I really have faith. I have faith in my God, in Laws of Attraction, in the power of decision that I made ... so whatever, I swear, it will work out. ✌

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