Monday, September 2, 2013

226: Running is Crazy.

I love running. Before I share the reason why I love running, I have to confess that I hate running too. The reason why I hate running is because it's an all-endurance-kind-of-sports. Whenever I'm about to run, I knew somewhere along the run, that my body would start complaining. They would literally scream for me to stop running, that they could no longer take another step. Maybe like dealing with children with tantrums. Whenever this happens, I always end up shushing them, telling them to just take it a few more meters. Pleaseee just a few more meters!

I could not tolerate it whenever I stop. It annoys me. It bugs me, because I wanted to cover a certain distance without a stop. I do not run like as if I am on race. I run according to my rhythm, but my good old body could not take the stretch. And whenever I end up walking, I feel like I cheated because in the first place my intention was to run, not to walk. 

But it's okay, I think I just need to allow my body to get used to the pain, so it could adjust to running. So there's hope for that.

Now, for the reason why I love running. The number one reason why I love running is because of its discipline. I do not know for others, but running could be daunting sometimes. When I already feel the need to run and end up thinking the distance that I have to do, the sweat that I'll be sweating, I'd end up passing. It's just so daunting! I actually feel so envious to those who are really committed to running, because they run without reasons. They say that running is mental, it is indeed. These people who runs despite reasons can actually tone down their mental thinking about running. I have so much respect to them because they remain true to their commitments.

This is why I wanted to get into running. I know that if I am able to get myself committed to running, like keeping true to my schedule, running despite reasons, and circumstances I will level up my skills for self-discipline. I know that this will make me a better person. So, running for me is not just physical but crazy really a personal thing.

Let's run more, shall we? ;)

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