Wednesday, September 25, 2013

230: My life in Instagram: On Jars of Opportunity

First, horray, yeah? Finally I have updated. I had been wanting to update but due to endless raining last few weekends ago it reduced me to a state of lethargy. I had been - literally - wasting my weekends watching movies. But hey, my watching of movies didn't turn out to be just 'pointless'. I realized that I am into action films. So you see there's a self realization there. I'm getting to know myself better. hahaha. Okay, I'm just justifying my being lethargic for the past few weekends. *wink* *wink*. If you ask what I particularly enjoyed last weekend you might want to check out my getglue account { shamelessly plugging }. And yes, let's be friends. Shall we?

Since I am desperate to get this updated because I realized that I had gone MIA for a little while, I'll just post an entries based on my instagram photo-entries: 

  1. September Reads { John Maxwell's How to Influence People, Entrepreneur } - One of my goals is to read as many personal development books/magazines. I make it a point that I spend some time reading these kinds of readings. Besides, they say that what we should only expose ourselves to things that we want to happen in our life. So yeah, anything that could add to make myself better. But please don't get me wrong, I still read fictions. In fact I'm currently reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (GoodReads). 
  2. Nikka and I's post birthday Celebration - My good friend Nikka and I celebrated her post birthday by going to the Book Fair. You might wonder where's a picture of that event? Forget it. Who went there? We went there last Sept 15, 2013. It's basically the last day of the event. It's Sunday and it was raining hard. Bad choice of date to visit it. It was pandemonium. I was not able to buy anything save for Jane Eyre. Seriously, I envisioned book fair so differently. I was hoping for magic, not thrashed, sold-books-without-dignity type of setup. So yeah, it was poor. We both didn't enjoy it. 
  3. Rachel-Effin-Weisz - She's my girl crush (along with Cate Blanchett, and Julianne Moore). I watched the Bourne Legacy (again) and Oz the Great and Powerful last weekend, and I cannot help but fall a little deeply in love with her. Man, her beauty is eternal. She's eternal. I hope she gets more movies coming up. I just checked her IMDB and the Oz was the last one written there. I hope she's not taking a long break just because she's already married to sir. Hot Guy James Bond, Daniel Craig. But I forgive her. lol. I LOVE YOU! <3 And if you're going to ask me if I stalked her during her shooting days here in Philippines, you know the answer to that. HAHAHA. 
  4. My WorldVentures Mastercard - Mannnn, my WorldVentures mastercard finally arrived. It means more money and more travel. Whatelse? If you want to know more about WorldVentures watch here
  5. T H A I L AN D | S O O N - And since I'm on WorldVentures the privilege to travel and learn is endless. Therefore, this December I got myself booked to go to Thailand. Actually, I got three trips coming Boracay ✈ Thailand ✈ Palawan. I'm not really a travel enthusiast but when I got to explore more about travelling when I joined WorldVentures, I realized that there's more to travelling than just burning cash (as others might look at it). There are a lot of reasons why you should travel but this video is suffice to summarize it all 
  6. Preserving the Old Roses - I got this roses somewhere in the house and I thought about preserving them by putting them on a small vial. I thought it was cute, so I placed and used it as an ornament on my working table. Some of the people who gets into my room takes a peek on it. They thought that I was preserving the rose because it was given by someone significant, little they did know that it was just 'some rose around the corner'. lol. 
It's amazing how in a small span of time a lot of things had happened and is continue to happen. Some people think that maybe I am just lucky, but you know, things happen because we make them happen. I mean, you simply cannot just wait for an opportunity to fall into your lap. We need to chase it - look for it. Just as how writing is. We do not wait for an inspiration to struck us, we just write.

So you know in opportunity to become a better version of ourselves, we have to start somewhere, anywhere. Learn how to speak French, learn how to dance, compliment someone. Anything that you think could make you a better person. Don't hesitate, don't be hopeless. Don't turn our back to an opportunity even how small it is, because we do not know what that opportunity will lead us to. Just believe that what we do in life (as long as it's good) it will get us somewhere good. Besides, we certainly do not want to live our life wondering 'what could have been', right?

To Good More Days to Come!

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