Monday, August 18, 2014

255: Putrajaya, Malaysia: Marriott Hotel - Business as Usual

This is the Marriott hotel that we stayed in at Putrajaya, Malaysia to attend a training. I wish I could say something that will do justice of how it felt like to spend time here in this five star hotel. The service is incredible. The food can't be compared. The amenities is superb. It is indeed an experience worth to share with friends and love ones. The Marriott hotel in Putrajaya ( stays true to its promise to give its guests an experience that is unforgettable. It's location, albeit a bit far from the city, the hotel has free shuttle service to bring their guests to different cities (like KLCC, Alamanda, etc.,). If I could say anything about the place, it's the fact that it confuses me if I am in indeed in Malaysia or in Dubai. Not that I have seen Dubai personally, but if I compare it to the pictures that I have seen of what Dubai is, then Putrajaya is at least in my opinion at par. It is absolutely breath taking!

This is what I love about what I do -- part time -- to say. I mean, if I get to enjoy a luxury vacation, get paid to live a lifestyle, and be surrounded with great people, why not. I love my choices. It is indeed an amazing experience bar none. I am looking forward to next travel experience again!




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