Thursday, December 22, 2011

108: Hello, Naya Rivera.

Excuse me, while I introduce you to the woman who was the reason why I started watching Glee.

Please, meet Naya Rivera or Glee's Santana Lopez. To say, I'm not really into Glee. I haven't watched it until I have seen their Adele mashup version of Rumor Has It / Someone Like You. What really grabbed my attention was Santana. First, it was the fiery passion performance she did there. She was burning! Second, I actually love her voice.

Also, it's just an instant adoration for me when female celebrities play beyond their sexuality without losing their gorgeousness. Since, Naya Rivera plays the fierce lesbian in Glee just added an extra point for me: bitchy character, flawless woman, playing a lesbian. Who. Wouldn't. Fall. In. Love. With. Her?

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