Wednesday, December 28, 2011

111: More Frustration.

I am incredibly frustrated as I write this entry. The thing that frustrate me is how my painting have turned out. I know I don't paint often so having an output that's worth to throw is something I should have expected. Well I have expected it.

But even though I have anticipated how the outcome will be, it still hurts me. Damn, can I just be good on something without having to worry about the outcome? I mean, okay every maestro started having a bad outcome. I remembered that I have read on Outliers that most of the people who are successful have work on their expertise already 10,000 hours ahead of everyone.

Okay, I should remember that; and so I should stop whining and ranting how I suck because I haven't even reach my 100 hours of painting.

I'm sorry I really shouldn't be ranting and whining and being an annoying kid since it's Christmas. But I can't help it.

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