Monday, December 26, 2011

110: Life: And ... life starts now.

I have been thinking about this for quite some time. I have this thought of generally making a change. I'm doing this not just because new year is coming. But because I want to become the better person I was yesterday.

I'm 22 and sooner or later I'll be 25 then 30. I'm growing and there's nothing to stop it. I should start living my life now than just by waiting for that 'right time'.

It's that I am going to throw caution out of the window, but actually just do something out my usual sync. Explore, do something new, and etc., It's just that I want to do things that's different.

I know that probably you have bumped into this kind of quote "If you do same things again and again you get exactly the same outcome". So, now that I am conscious of what I have been doing, I want to derail my self from my (usual) trail. Take baby steps. It wouldn't hurt.

I'm lucky to have bumped on this article because it had helped me strengthen my plans. Every day is a new day; every hour, every minute, every second is a chance for us to do new things; to explore new streets, so why not take it now?

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