Wednesday, April 4, 2012

147: Why am I single?

Why are you single? Why am I single?

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This is a very interesting subject. I was browsing my twitter when I saw that #IamSingleBecause is trending. The response of people were interesting. If you're going to ask me what situation I am currently in, I'll tell you that I'm single and proud. But I must admit that I have been hanging out with some guys every now and then. But that's just it. Just hanging out.

There are many reasons why people remain single. There is even an article that mentions if a person is addicted to being single.

I'll say my reasons why I am currently single and why I don't get jealous when I am being surrounded with people who are currently attached. But first I'd post here some response in twitter which I liked.

Okay, so why some people prefer to remain single? My sister told me one of the reasons (which is really the obvious): being single means less complications. But there are more reasons, reasons that we could only say to ourselves. Some reasons are found here

What I like about my status at the moment is the fact that I am currently spoiling myself by enjoying my earnings alone. I buy stuffs that I want. I can wear whatever that pleases me. I don't have to worry about second opinion. And I am free from emotional entanglement, headache, and heartache. 

I never get jealous/envious towards my friends who are currently in relationship because I know my time for relationship will come. Besides, if he's going to come, he will come. Let me enjoy myself for now. ♥☺

We share the same opinion. Retweeted.

You, are you currently single, or in relationship? Why do you prefer your current situation? 

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