Monday, April 2, 2012

146: Sex and the City in the Morning

I have decided to re-watch the whole Sex and the City series again. I love Sex and the City because Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte's friendship is amazing. It's the kind of friendship a women would want: free from judgement, loyal, honest, and constant. Plus, the fact that the episodes tackle some of the most interesting subject to both sexes, makes the series more irresistible.

This is also where I realized how older guys more interesting than guys of my age. It's not that I find 20-something-guys lacking but it's just the fact that experienced-mature guys seemed more colorful than them. HAHAHA. Actually, I think it's because I picture guys just like mr. Big: complicated, sophisticated, classy, and sexy, which - I think - can be found in mature-older guys.

I do not understand why I like complexities but I think maybe it's because of unpredictability; and my obsessive compulsive self want to figure complications. Or, maybe, I'm really just masochist -- just like Carrie. lol.

You, do like Sex and the City? To whom can you relate more? Share your thoughts! ☺ 

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