Wednesday, November 21, 2012

180: Sunset

Don't you think that there's something so strangely saddening when we watch sunset? You know, I seriously love sunset than sunrise. Maybe it's the fact that I am a loner by heart, that's why sunset appeals to me more than sunrise. You might wonder why I associate 'loner' to sunset, but it's something that I have read that people who prefers sunset are lonely. Long story, don't ask. hah.

But I am writing about sunset because for the past few days there are a lot of things that has ended and has been ending. And sunset is the perfect reminder when something ends. It's a sad but basic truth: when something start, it has to end. Sunset and Sunrise. But you know it's a human nature (or so I think) that we do not try to dwell on endings. Thus, when we reach that point when something ended we felt surprised. We try not to embrace on the thought that probably the one sitting next to you will soon  be leaving your life. The one holding your hand at the moment will be letting go. Yes, admit it we never thought of such thing but it's an obvious and simple truth.

Okay we all know that things end, so the question now is there's nothing we can do about it? Yes, we might not be able to make something last forever. But memories does. It's so simple but sometimes we take it for granted. Cherish that something so important to us, make a memories. Cherish the moments with someone, with something while it lasts. ~

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